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    45-Piece Household Hand Tool Set

    Buy 45 piece household hand tool set at favorable price, including high quality hex keys, insulation tape, flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers, pliers, utility knife, claw hammer, flashlight, wrench, voltage test pen, tape measure. These hand tools are commonly used for home repair and DIY. Perfect for mechanics, workers, or maintainers.
    SKU: T-HTS-45
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    Our best hand tools set contains different kinds of tools helping you work for home repair, DIY and bicycle maintain among other things. Magnetic screwdrivers, pliers, wrench and claw hammer in the household hand tool kit are made of high quality carbon steel processed by heat treatment, so that they are durable and wear insistent. Handles are designed for ergonomics, making you feel comfortable to hold. A flashlight can light you if you work at night. Shop useful tool sets online now!


    Model T-HTS-45
    Case Dimension 280mm * 230mm * 70mm
    Weight 2250g

    1 PC Phillips Head Screwdriver, 6mm * 100mm
    1 PC Flat Head Screwdriver 6mm * 100mm
    1 PC Pliers, 7 inch
    1 PC Claw Hammer, 9 Oz
    1 PC Wrench, 8 inch
    1 PC Level Tape Measure, 3m
    1 PC Flashlight
    1 PC Voltage Test Pen
    1 PC Utility Knife
    1 PC PVC Insulation Tape
    5 PCS Hex Keys
    10 PCS Blades
    20 PCS Commonly Used Fasteners and anchors 

    Package Included 45 PCS Hand Tools, A Carry Case


    45 PCS Hand Tool Set For Home Repair


    1. 5 PCS Hex Keys

    2. 10 PCS Blades

    3. PVC Insulation Tape

    4. Voltage Test Pen

    5. Phillips Head Screwdriver

    6. Flat Head Screwdriver

    7. Pliers

    8. 20 PCS Commonly Used Fasteners and Anchors

    9. Wrench

    10. Utility Knife

    11. Flashlight

    12. Claw Hammer

    13. Level Tape Measure




    Applications of 45-Piece Household Hand Tool Set


    Tips: Advantages of household hand tool set
    It is necessary to get a household hand tool set at home because it is useful for home repair, DIY, bicycle and auto maintenance. Professional hand tool kits are used for electrical work and aerospace engineering. It is a perfect combination tool set for homeowners, mechanics and maintainers.
    Hand tool kit contains basic tools, including pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measure, claw hammer, utility knife among other things. Those hand tools are commonly used for fix furniture, assemble wood, bicycles and computers maintenance. Generally, a complete hand tool set has a storage box that help you store tools and take along, which is convenient for daily life.

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