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    11 Piece Spark Plug Socket Set

    11-piece spark plug socket set includes a 3/8" 72-tooth quick-release ratchet, 2-piece thin and magnetic spark plug sockets, 3-piece 3/8" S2 torx bits socket and socket accessories, chrome-vanadium steel & S2 alloy tool steel material, for changing automotive spark plug with 14mm/16mm diameter.
    SKU: T-SPSS-11PC
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    11-piece 3/8" spark plug socket set with 2-piece thin and magnetic spark plug sockets, 14mm/16mm diameter.


    Model T-DT6000
    Shipping weight 2.0kg
    Size 250*170*50mm
    Total number of pieces 11
    Material Chrome-vanadium steel, S2 alloy tool steel
    Measurement standard Metric
    Drive size 3/8 inch
    Package included 1) 72-tooth 3/8" quick-release ratchet
    2) 2-piece 3/8" extension rod: 75mm, 150mm
    3) 2-piece 3/8" 6-point sockets: 8-10mm
    4) 3/8" universal joint
    5) 3-piece 3/8" S2 torx bits socket: T20-T30-T40
    6) 3/8" spark plug socket: 14mm (thin & magnetic)
    7) 3/8" spark plug socket: 16mm (thin & magnetic)
    8) 1 * tool box

    Spark plug socket set details:
    11-piece 3/8 inch spark plug socket set details
    Spark plug sockets dimension:

    3/8 inch spark plug sockets 14mm/16mm dimension

    Diameter Style Length Outer diameter Wall thickness Standard
    14mm 12-point magnetic 63mm 18.4mm 1.7mm thin
    16mm 12-point magnetic 63mm 20mm 1.7mm thin

    Tips: What is a extension rod?
    The extension rod is one of the indispensable tools in the spark plug socket set. In auto repair work, maintenance personnel can choose extension rods of different lengths, such as 75mm, 125mm, 150mm or 250mm. Its function is to install between the socket and the matching ratchet wrench. It is used to disassemble and replace the spark plug that is installed in deep position. Because the spark plug cannot be touched with socket and the ratchet wrench directly.
    In addition, when disassembling the bolts and nuts on a flat surface, the tools will stick close to the operation surface, hindering the normal disassembly, and even causing safety accidents. The extension rod can lift the tool to a certain height from the flat surface, which is convenient for operation.
    It is forbidden to use the extension rod as a punch, because the strike of the hammer will seriously deform the square tenon and square hole at both ends of the extension rod.

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