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    16mm Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

    16mm magnetic spark plug socket with chrome-vanadium steel material, socket length 63mm, outer diameter 20mm, drive size 3/8" and wall thickness 1.7mm.
    SKU: T-SPS-MT16
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    16mm 12-point magnetic spark plug socket with wall thickness 1.7mm, length 63mm, drive size 3/8".


    Model T-DT190TW-06
    Weight 150g
    Contact point 12-point
    Measurement standard Metric
    Diameter 16mm
    Outer Diameter 20mm
    Length 63mm
    Wall thickness 1.7mm
    Material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Inside part Magnetic ring
    Drive size 3/8 inch

    7 tips for using spark plug socket:
    Note: Before installing the spark plug, make sure that the new spark plug matches the automobile engine to be installed (clearance, calorific value, etc.).

    1. Now new cars will add a cover to the engine, which plays a role of beauty and heat insulation. To remove the spark plug, the engine cover must be removed first. Of course, for a V-type engine with an intake manifold located in the middle of the engine, some accessories such as the intake pipe must be removed.
    2. To remove the spark plug, pull out the ignition coil. The ignition coil can be pulled out after removing the wire plug on the ignition coil and the bolt on the ignition coil. The ignition coil and the cylinder are sealed with rubber, and a little force is required when pulling out.
    3. To remove the spark plug, a wrench, an extension rod and a hexagon socket are required. Spark plugs used in cars are generally disassembled with a 16mm 6-point socket.
    4. The 6-point magnetic spark plug socket can take out the spark plug when it is unscrewed. If the spark plug is not magnetic, it is recommended that insert a thick piece of double-sided tape in the socket, and you can also take out the spark plug that is unscrewed.
    5. If possible, apply a proper amount of "thread anti-seize agent" on the new spark plug thread before installing. When installing the spark plug, fix the spark plug (use magnetic socket or double-sided tape) on the socket and then install the spark plug back to its original position. It is forbidden to put the spark plug directly down from the mounting hole. The height difference may cause the side electrode to deform, resulting in a smaller gap, leading to premature flashover and affecting engine smoothness.
    6. If a torque wrench is used to pre-tighten the spark plug torque, the thread parameter is "M14*1.25mm" for the light metal spark plugs used in general cars. All the types of spark plug can be found online by car model. So car owners can learn about the thread parameters in advance.
    7. Without a torque wrench, the spark plug can be pre-tightened. The pre-tightening angle of the spark plug of the flat base is 90°, and the pre-tightening angle of the conical base is 15°.
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    Alex | 11/11/2020 2:23 AM
    Great electromagnetic spark plug socket
    I'm the type of person who would rather pay for a good tool once than buy it 10 times cheaply. The workmanship of this solenoid plug socket is excellent, and my motorcycle needs it, because the standard spark plug removal socket never needs to lift the fuel tank to work normally. It also has a very strong magnet, and the plug will not fall unless the magnet is pulled out of the socket.