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    12 ft Aluminium Folding Ladder, Multi-Purpose

    Lower price 12 foot extension length folding ladder for sales, with heavy duty aluminium construction, 12 steps, maximum load capacity up to 330 lbs (150kg), multi-purpose ladder can be changed into many different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs.
    SKU: T-AFL-12
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    Foldarable ladder for multi-purpose, 12 ft extension length, folding height of 6 ft, 330lbs loading capacity, made of aluminum alloy material, square rungs and supporting tubes, make this folding ladder stable and durable. Connected by six security locks, which can be opened and locked for changing the shape of ladder easily while guaranteeing the security.


    Model  T-AFL-12
    Product Name Multi-purpose folding ladder
    Extension Length 12 foot (369cm)
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Thickness of Aluminum 1.2mm
    Folding Height 6 ft (183cm)
    Loading Capacity 330 lbs (150kg)
    Steps Quantity 12 steps
    Space Between Steps 11.75" (30cm)
    Color Silver
    Dimension (L x W x H) (40.75 x 14.37 x 11.22)" / (103.5 x 36.5 x 28.5)cm
    Weight 11 kg
    Package Included 1 * Folding Ladder
    1 * User Manual


    12 feet aluminium multi-purpose folding ladder details


    12 ft multi-purpose aluminium foldable ladder details

    Tips: What is aluminium folding ladder?

    • The aluminum folding ladder is a civil engineering product that assists the staff in moving up and down on the construction site such as a movable staircase. When the folding ladder is used, it is opened and folded, which is convenient for transfer. Folding ladders require strong enough. Folding ladders are widely used in various civil engineering and decoration projects. Nowadays, folding ladders have been liked by more and more people.
    • In the past, folding ladders were also very useful. The siege and defense of the war era crossed the enemy's walls. The guarding party must push down the approaching folding ladder as soon as possible to prevent enemy from climbing up the ladder.
    • Nowaday, aluminum folding ladders are sold in construction engineering supply stores, and are divided into large, medium and small standard sizes. However, in order to meet the requirements of some special customers, there are specially tailor-made "extra-long versions" or self-made wooden stepladders.
    • Alternatives to folding ladders are modular folding frames commonly used by cleaning companies, and even gibbon engineering vehicles. They are safer than folding ladders and are not easy to tip over and cause work injuries or death risks.
    • In order to industrial safety, when working at heights with folding ladders, there must be operating instructions. Workers are required to wear safety belts and an assistant must be under the folding ladder to prevent unbalanced center of gravity.
    Existing reviews
    Marcella 9/1/2020 2:03 AM
    I like aluminum folding ladder a lot
    Since I bought this 12-foot aluminum folding ladder, my family likes it very much. It is easier to store than traditional wooden ladders. After I use the ladder, I just fold it and place it in the corner without taking up living space. I really like this 12-foot aluminum folding ladder.
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