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    1200 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    1200 watt full spectrum led grow light for weeds, herbs and indoor plants, full-spectrum lighting from 380 nm to 780 nm (including UV + IR), LED light for vegetative growth, VEG switches are blue LED and white LED, BLOOM switches are red LED and white LED.
    SKU: T-GL-1200
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    Buy cheap led weed grow lights, 1200W, 4 high-speed silent cooling fans, to ensure that your plants will not be burned, VEG switch is used for plant seedling period, VEG switch is used for plant growth period, full spectrum grow lights to promote plant flower growth, improve the quality of flowers.


    Model T-GL-1200
    Power 1200 Watt
    Input Voltage 85V~265V
    Light Source LED
    Lamp Body Material Aluminum Alloy
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Weight 10 pounds
    Dimension 15.8" * 8.3" * 2.4"
    Lifespan 50000 Hours


    Full spectrum grow lights

    Convenient Daisy-Chain Connection
    Each light is equipped with 1 power cord and 1 daisy chain outlet. No need to buy extra powercords.

    LED grow light with daisy chain

    LED grow light dimension


    LED grow light application

    Why buy grow lights from plant growth lamp has mature research data and case support, the laboratory independently researches and develops the most suitable spectrum, uses the appropriatelight formula, and the LED tube product that is suitable for the layer structure to fill light, which can provide uniform light while reducing With the layer spacing, the precise light formula can provide the spectrum and light intensity required by the crop, fully control the characteristics of the growth and reproduction stage of the plant, and can stabilize and improve the quality of the plant and increase the yield.

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    yanhong | 10/30/2020 2:23 AM
    LED plant lights make my plants flourish
    I am now growing orange, lemon and lime trees, and a few pineapples. I don't know how to keep them alive in winter. They grow so big throughout the summer that I can no longer put them on the window. I hung this LED plant light in a corner of the basement. My plants not only thrive, but also grow fast.