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    2000 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

    Great value LED grow plant light for sale, 2000 watt, input voltage AC 85V~265V, equipped with 1 power cord and 1 daisy chain outlet, full spectrum led light can be used for the growth of indoor plants, succulents, flowers and vegetables.
    SKU: T-GL-2000
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    Buy cheap 2000W grow lights for indoor plants, full spectrum led grow light with VED and BLOOM switch, provides the sunlight needed for plants to grow, improve harvest.


    Model ATO-GL-2000
    Power 2000 Watt
    Input Voltage 85V~265V
    Light Source LED
    Lamp Body Material Aluminum Alloy
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Weight 10 pounds
    Dimension 15.8" *8.3" *2.4"
    Lifespan 50000 Hours


    Full spectrum grow lights

    Convenient Daisy-Chain Connection
    Each light is equipped with 1 Power cord and 1 daisy chain outlet. No need to buy extra powercords.

    LED grow light with daisy chain

    LED grow light dimension


    LED grow light application

    Why you need a LED grow lights?

    LED plant growth lamp is a kind of plant growth auxiliary lamp which adopts the principle of semiconductor lighting and is specially used for the production of flowers and vegetables and other plants combined with high-precision technology. General indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with time, the main reason is the lack The light irradiation, through the LED lamp suitable for the required spectrum of the plant, can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of the flowers. Further application of this high-efficiency light source system to agricultural production such as greenhouses, greenhouses and other facilities can solve the disadvantages of insufficient sunlight leading to the decrease in the taste of greenhouse vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and on the other hand, it can also make the winter solanum fruit vegetables listed in the greenhouse in advance, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation.

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    Norris | 4/9/2021 6:59 AM
    Role of 2000 watt full spectrum LED plant growth light
    Is this good for small indoor lemon trees?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, a 2000-watt full-spectrum LED plant growth light can help it bloom. The closer the distance, the better the effect.