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    12V/24V Portable Jump Starter, 800A Peak, 24000mAh

    Best 12V/600A & 24V/800A peak portable jump starter for wholesale, applies to all the 12 volt & 24 volt gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles, excavators, oil boats. Jump starter battery capacity 24000mAh (88.8Wh), supporting 50 times starting or 48h lighting for 1 time full chagre.
    SKU: T-JPS-24V-1
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    Portable jump starter has battery start current 12V/300A & 24V/400A, peak current 12V/600A & 24V/800A, battery capacity 24000mAh, 1* 14V/1A input, 1* USB 5V/2A output, 1* steady LED light and 1* flashing LED light. It's very suitable for starting battery of all 12V/24V vehicles.


    Model T-CJS1019-24000MAH
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Size (L*W*H) 240*210*58mm
    Support vehicle All 12V gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles
    All 24V gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles
    Start current 12V/300A, 24V/400A
    Peak current 12V/600A, 24V/800A
    Input 14V/1A
    Output 1 USB 5V/2A, apply to laptop, cell phone, tablet, PSP, camera, etc.
    Output 2 12V/24V vehicle starting clips
    Battery type Lithium battery
    Battery capacity 24000mAh (88.8Wh)
    Start capacity 1 time full charge supporting 50 times starting
    Charging time 8 hours
    LED light 1 * steady light, 1 * flashing light
    Lighting time 1 time full charge supporting 48h lighting
    Key & indicator Boost key, 12V/OFF/24V switch, power key, LED switch
    12V indicator, 24V indicator, battery indicator
    Working temperature -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
    Function Overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, reverse connection protection, high temperature protection
    Packing included 1 * jump starter
    1 * cigarette lighter cable
    1 * power adapter
    1 * 4 in 1 USB cable
    1 * user manual
    1 * tool box

    Tips: 11 attention points for car battery jump starter

    1. When there is no adult supervision, do not allow children to use the car battery jump starter, and should be placed out of the reach of children.
    2. Do not heat or throw the battery jump starter into water or fire. Putting the jump starter into water will cause the battery to fail. Putting the automotive battery jump starter into the fire will cause the internal battery to rupture or cause an accident.
    3. After using the car battery jump starter, the power switch should be turned off in time to avoid fire due to heat, etc.
    4. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be taken out and charged and discharged every 3 months.
    5. The battery jump starter for car should be kept in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
    6. Use the specially equipped lithium charger for charging.
    7. Do not disassemble the car battery jump starter to avoid accidents.
    8. It is not allowed to use the car battery jump starter in the rain. Rain water will conduct electricity, and a short circuit is likely to occur. It will cause the car battery jump starter to become hot due to instantaneous high current discharge, which will damage the battery or cause danger.
    9. The clips of positive pole and negative pole cannot be touched each other (except for smart clips).
    10. It is impossible to store the car battery jump starter in a high temperature or high humidity environment, and the battery inside will intensify its reaction, so it cannot provide enough battery capacity for the electrical appliances. In addition, under high temperature and high humidity, the aging speed of the battery in the jump starter will be greatly accelerated, and it will also corrode electronic components (except high temperature batteries).
    11. Do not insert the positive and negative poles of the start port reversely, or short-circuit with metal. Otherwise it will cause the battery to swell or rupture.
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    Rene | 1/18/2021 6:32 AM
    Large capacity jump starter
    The reason why I bought this jump starter is because of its large battery capacity, which can reach 24000mAh, supports 50 starts and lighting, which greatly meets the needs of my daily car. Suitable for gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles, excavators and oil boats.