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    12V Car Jump Starter, 200A, 12000mAh

    Cheap DC 12V car jump starter for sale, 128*72*22mm small size, 200A start current, 12000mAh battery capacity, suitable for 12V gasoline vehicle (up to 4.0L). Car battery jump starter features a USB 5V/2A output interface, a jump start interface and a multifunctional LED light.
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    12V car jump starter with LED light has 3 main functions, one is to start a 12V gasoline car in an emergency, two is used as a power supply for digital products, and three is used as a light in the open air.


    Model T-K9-12000MAH
    Shipping weight 0.7kg
    Size (L*W*H) 128*72*22mm
    Support vehicle 12V gasoline vehicle, up to 4.0L
    Start current 200A
    Input 12V/1A
    Output 1 USB 5V/2A, apply to laptop, cell phone, tablet, PSP, etc.
    Output 2 12V car start interface
    Battery type Lithium battery
    Battery capacity 12000mAh
    Start capacity 1 time full charge supporting 30 times starting
    Battery level indicators 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
    LED light Lighting
    Working temperature -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
    Function Overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection, reverse connection protection, high temperature protection
    Packing included 1 * jump starter
    1 * battery cable
    1 * cigarette lighter cable
    1 * power adapter
    1 * 4 in 1 phone charger cable
    1 * laptop connectors

    Tips: Applications of battery jump starter

    1. Charge the digital electronic products with 5VDC power voltage, such as smart phones, Bluetooth headsets, tablet computers, etc.
    2. Charge the laptops, which mainly have DC 12V, 16V or 19V power voltage. The laptop brands are not limited, as long as the equipped connectors can be connected.
    3. Let the car that fails the ignition starts normally. Vehicle owners often encounter a dead car battery and unable to start the car, especially in winter. The working temperature of the car jump starter is -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉), which can basically meet the car start demand in all working environments.
    4. Emergency lighting. DC 12V battery jump starter has LED lights for strong lighting, flashing lighting, and SOS distress information lighting. This is very useful, especially in outdoors.
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    Ahmad | 9/22/2020 2:18 AM
    Affordable 12V car jump starter
    This 12V car jump starter has the function of safety protection: the high-quality battery circuit and safety functions contained in it can protect me and my equipment from surges or short circuits. It also has USB 5V/2A output interface, jump start interface and multi-function LED lights. It can charge electronic products, such as smart phones, tablets and so on.