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    12V Car Battery Tester

    12VDC car battery tester with wholesale price, optional connector of battery clips & cigarette lighter, small size 120*48*18.5mm, ABS shell, 6 LED lights indicating engine status fault/good, battery charging status full/middle/low, battery health condition.
    SKU: T-BT-12V
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    Handheld 12V car battery tester is designed according to the principles of ergonomics. It can quickly get test results for about 3 seconds, and than show the car battery health condition & car engine status and detect the battery voltage/overload status by LED lights.


    Model T-BM310 T-BM320
    Shipping weight 0.1kg 0.1kg
    Connector Battery clips Cigarette lighter connector
    Size (L*W*H) 120*48*18.5mm
    Applicable battery 12VDC car battery
    Measuring range 9.9-14.5VDC
    Display 6 three-color LED lights
    Shell material ABS
    Function Checking engine status, battey status, battery charging condition
    Reverse protection
    Working temperature -20~+60℃ (-4~+140℉)
    Packing included 1 * battery tester
    1 * user manual

    Tips: How to use a car battery tester?
    12V car battery tester can only be used for 12 volt car battery. There are 3 functional areas on the panel. The first is alternator state, second is battery state and third is battery check before charging.
    First of all, connect clips to battery. The correct connection is: Black alligator clip connect to negative pole of battery (-), red alligator clip connect to positive pole of battery (+).
    Then, the operation steps of car battery tester as follows:

    1. Alternator state test
      Connect clamps with battery correctly, turn on car engine, and accelerate to 2000 rpm. The 2 LED lights "Fault/red" and "Good/green" would indicate if alternator works well. If the Fault light lit up, means the alternator voltage is too high, and it would hurt your battery.
    2. Battery state test
      Turn off engine. The 3 lights of Full/green, Middle/yellow, and Low/red will indicate if the battery is already full charged.
    3. Check before charge
      Turn off engine, if the car battery is full charged, the OK/green light will lit up. When the voltage drops to 10VDC, the battery may be damaged and can be not charged at all.
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    David | 9/8/2020 7:01 AM
    Very satisfied with the car battery tester
    After I received the 12V car battery tester, I went through preliminary tests. The data is very accurate, the workmanship is excellent and the operation is simple. This car battery tester can judge the health of the vehicle's battery in advance, plan the maintenance of the vehicle's battery in advance and reduce the chance of failure of the vehicle outside.