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    12V Digital Battery Tester for Car/SUV

    Low cost 12V digital battery tester for wholesale, LCD display showing battery condition and system parameters, supporting more than 13 langauages, measuring range of 100-2000CCA, 30-200AH and 7-16VDC, best choice for car owner, battery manufacturer or car battery supplier.
    SKU: T-BT-D-12V
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    Handheld 12V digital car battery analyzer has small size 147*65*24mm and wide measuring range 7-16VDC. All the test results of battery & engine can be shown on LCD display, such as SOC, SOH, CCA, AH, IR, voltage, etc.


    Model T-MICRO-200
    Shipping weight 0.3kg
    Connector Battery clips
    Size (L*W*H) 147*65*24mm
    Applicable battery 12VDC lead-acid battery, EFB, GEL, AGM
    Applicable vehicle type Car, SUV
    Display LCD display showing SOC, SOH, CCA & AH, Internal Resistance, battery voltage
    Shell material ABS
    Support language English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
    Measuring range 100-2000CCA, 30-200AH, 7-16VDC
    Testing standard CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB
    Function Battery system test: battery AMP test, battery voltage test, battery load test, battery level test, battery health condition
    Engine test
    Battery charging test
    Working temperature -18~+50℃ (-0.4~+122℉)
    Packing included 1 * battery tester
    1 * USB cable
    1 * user manual

    Tips: How does a digital battery tester work?
    As the battery is used, it will gradually age. The main reason for aging is that the surface of the battery is vulcanized and corroded, and the active material falls off, which can no longer carry out effective chemical reactions. This is the main reason that most batteries cannot continue to be used.
    The working principle of digital battery tester is to determine the chemical reaction ability by measuring the conductivity of the surface of the electrode plate, and to infer the change of the battery capacity through the change of the electrode plate, thereby determining the health of the battery. For car/SUV batteries, cold-start current is the most important indicator, and it is displayed in units of cold-start current in order to make it more intuitive for car owners. When the customer uses the battery, input its rated CCA value according to the label of the automotive battery, and then the battery tester will measure a conductance CCA value. The 12V battery tester compares the difference between the two CCA values to determine the health condition of the battery.

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    Aaron | 9/28/2020 3:24 AM
    Ensure the safety of using the car
    Before using the car battery tester, I doubted its usefulness. But after a period of use, this suspicion was eliminated. Because it can quickly obtain test results, check whether the battery voltage is overloaded, and ensure the safety of my car.