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    149PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit

    149pcs watch repair tool kit contains hand tools and accessories for repairing and assembling watches, including spring bar remover, watch back pry opener, tweezers, hammer, screwdriver, adjustable case opener, watch pin link remover, watch strap spring pins, etc., practical and easy to carry.
    SKU: T-WRT-K149
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    A professional 149pcs watch repair tool kit contains hand tools and accessories for repairing, disassembling and installing watches, such as changing the chain length, opening the back cover, changing batteries and so on.


    Model T-WRT-K149
    Case Dimension 200mm * 100mm * 45mm
    Case Material Leather
    Weight 628g
    Content 108 * Watch Strap Spring Pins, Size in 8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25mm
    18 * Adjustable Case Opener Pins
    5 * Screwdriver Bits
    3 * Pin Punches
    3 * Watch Link Remover Spare Pins
    2 * Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips
    1 * Spring Bar Remover
    1 * Watch Case Holder
    1 * Watch Back Pry Opener
    1 * Tweezers
    1 * Hammer
    1 * Watch Pin Link Remover
    1 * Link Bracelet Holder Base
    1 * Screwdriver
    1 * Adjuatable Case Opener
    1 * Cleaning Cloth
    Package Included 1 * 149 pcs Watch Repair Tools, 1 * Carry Case


    149PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit Details

    Carry Case Dimension of 149PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit

    Tips: Essential Tools in 149PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit for Repairing Your Watches

    149PCS watch repair tool kit includes various tools for repairing and assembling watches. Here are some essential tools for repairing watches.
    Watch holder base: it is used for fixing a watch band when you adjust the length of the watch band. Put the watch band in a proper groove on the link holder base, round holes head up. And then strike the pin punch with the hammer to remove the watch band link.
    Watch case opener knife: it is used for opening the watch case back. You need to hold the watch firmly to avoid slipping, using a watch case opener knife to open the case back along the edge. The other end of a case opener knife has a short knife that can be used to remove the belt of a watch.
    Watch case opener: it is used for removing the watch case back. Adjust the diameter suitable for the watch back, and then press and turn to left to open the back cover. It is better to use it with a watch case holder.
    Tweezers: It is used for gripping accessories. If the tweezers are blunt or damaged, you must sharpen it with a grindstone. It is not allowed to clip accessories with unmatched tweezers, otherwise, it is easy to damage the parts or tweezers.

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    Sallie | 1/19/2021 7:35 AM
    Watch repair tool kit can save costs
    My favorite watch was broken. I took it to the watch shop to repair it. But the repair cost was very expensive. I thought it was not worth it. So I went to to buy this watch repair tool kit and decided to repair it myself. I repaired my watch and saved a lot of money.