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    Handheld Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, 150 PSI

    Handheld digital tire pressure gauge for wholesale, maximum measuring pressure value 150 PSI, 11*5cm size, 150g net weight, 3VDC power supply, plastic shell, applies to all types of tires. 150 PSI digital tire pressure gauge features functions of tire pressure detection (heavy pressure) and tire air releasing (light pressure).
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    150 PSI digital tire pressure gauge has two functions, one is detecting tire pressure by heavy pressuring, another is releasing excessive tire air to be a safety pressure value by light pressuring.


    Model T-TPG-SR48
    Weight 150g
    Size 11*5cm
    Pressure range 0-150 PSI
    Display LCD display with blue backlight
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 * AAA batteries
    Function Heavy pressure for measuring tire pressure
    Light pressure for releasing tire air
    Application Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV

    Tips: How to use handheld tire pressure gauge correctly
    Handheld automobile tire pressure gauge is mainly used to detect the pressure of automobile tires and is an important testing tool for automobile tire safety. The correct way to use the tire pressure gauge is as follows:
    First remove the cap of the tire valve. Then press the tire valve connector of the tire pressure gauge tightly to the tire valve, and hard force the valve core to be pressed in. At this time, the reading on the LCD display is the tire pressure value.
    When measuring, there are some precautions that users need to pay attention to carefully:

    1. The vehicle under test must be parked on a flat ground, and tire pressure should be measured when the vehicle is cold.
    2. The pressure measuring connector must be pressed into the valve vertically and forcefully, and the pressing speed must be fast, otherwise it will cause air leakage in the tire.
    3. Determine whether the tire pressure meets the requirements based on the tire pressure requirements on the door side and the driver's experience. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire pressure gauge can be used to deflate. If the tire pressure is too low, immediately use a tire inflator to inflate the tire until the tire pressure reaches the normal range.
    4. Remember to replace the valve cap.
    5. Check the tire pressure at least once a month.
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