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    60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge

    60 PSI tire pressure gauge features a pointer analog pressure gauge, a vent valve for reset gauge pressure value, a 360-degree air chuck and a selectable rubber hose, applies to Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV.
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    60 PSI tire pressure gauge with 360-degree air chuck and vent valve is easy to detect tire pressure for all vehicles.


    Model T-TPG-19YT50 T-TPG-19YTS50
    Weight 280g 180g
    Pressure range 0-60 PSI 0-60 PSI
    Structure Analog pressure gauge
    Connector with vent valve
    Rubber hose
    360-degree air chuck
    Analog pressure gauge
    360-degree air chuck with vent valve
    Diameter of analog pressure gauge display 50mm 50mm
    Function Measuring tire pressure
    1 unit: PSI
    Measuring tire pressure
    1 unit: PSI
    Vent valve function Reset pressure value to zero Reset pressure value to zero
    Application Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV Car, SUV, truck, motorcycle, bike, RV or ATV
    Accessories 4 * valve caps 4 * valve caps

    Tips: How to check automotive tire pressure?
    The standard tire pressure is marked on the driver's door or on the side of the door (in addition, this standard value can also be found on the fuel tank cap and on the user manual). It should be noted that there are different standard units for air pressure, generally there are 4 types, such as kg/m2, bar, PSI and kPa. The conversion relationship between them is as follows: 1bar=1.02kg/m2=102kpa=14.5 PSI. Actually, car owners don't need to know how to convert them. Just look at where the pointer on the tire pressure gauge is and what unit is used to mark this location, and then see the standard value of the air pressure unit corresponding to the vehicle. Check the difference between the measured value and the standard value. If tire pressure is too high, deflate some tire air. If it is too low, inflate tire air until the tire pressure is consistent with the standard pressure.
    Note that if the automotive tire needs to be inflated, you can solve it by yourself after buying a 12VDC digital tire inflator. If not, car owner needs to go to the nearest tire shop to inflate immediately.

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