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    0-1500μm Coating Thickness Gauge

    Wholesale price paint thickness gauge. 0-1500μm measuring range, ±3% accuracy, 0.1μm resolution. Fe & NFe integrated probe can automatically measure iron-based surface coatings or aluminum and other non-magnetic substrates. A large 2.2 inch LCD-screen with backlight is easy to read measurements in the dark.
    SKU: T-GM998
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    Buy car paint thickness gauge at competitive price. A measuring tool with the range of 0-1500μm, can be applied to non-destructive, rapid and high-precision coating thickness measurement areas.


    Model T-GM998
    Measuring Range 0-1500μm
    Accuracy ±3%
    Resolution 0.1μm
    Mode Auto Detecting Fe & NFe
    Dimension 123mm x 67mm x 31mm
    Net Weight 0.2kg


    Details of 0-1500μm coating thickness gauge

    Details of 0-1500μm coating thickness gauge

    Tips: How to use a coating thickness gauge?

    • When testing with a paint thickness gauge, pay attention to the metal magnetic properties and surface roughness of the standard sheet should be similar to the test piece.
    • The thickness gauge probe should be perpendicular to the surface of the sample.
    • Pay attention to the critical thickness of the base metal when measuring with a coating thickness tester. If it is greater than this thickness, the measurement will not be affected by the thickness of the base metal.
    • Pay attention to the influence of the curvature of the test piece on the measurement. It is unreliable to measure the thickness on the surface of a curved test piece.
    • Before measuring with the paint thickness meter, pay attention to whether other electrical equipment around will generate a magnetic field. If a magnetic field is generated, it will interfere with the magnetic thickness measurement method.
    • Be careful not to measure at the inner corner and near the edge of the test piece, because the surface shape of the test piece of the general thickness gauge will change sensitively.
    • The pressure should be kept constant when measuring with the coating thickness gauge, otherwise it will affect the measured reading.
    • When testing, pay attention to the direct contact between the coating thickness gauge probe and the tested piece, so pay attention to remove the attached material of the probe.
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    Christian | 12/18/2020 6:21 AM
    Accurate and easy to use thickness gauge
    This thickness gauge is very easy to use. It works right out of the box. I just need to turn on the power and stick to the painted surface to measure immediately. The measurement can be repeated, so it looks very accurate. I use it to quickly check the panels on used cars.