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    0-1700μm Coating Thickness Gauge

    Best paint thickness gauge for sale, is the paint, anti-corrosion, electroplating, automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing and other related industries ideal auxiliary manufacturing measuring tool. Can complete 0-1700μm thickness measurement, has the 0.1μm resolution, 20 groups data storage.
    SKU: T-AR9332
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    0-1700μm paint depth gauge at affordable price, has the function of LCD display, low battery reminder, zero point calibration, single/ continuous measurement, unit conversion, etc. The high-precision non-destructive probe can automatically identify the type of substrate and quickly and accurately measure the coating thickness.


    Model T-AR9332
    Measuring Range 0-1700μm
    Accuracy ± (1+3%H) μm
    Resolution 0.1μm
    Minimum Measuring Area Magnetic: 25x25mm/ Not Magnetic: 25x25mm
    Minimum Curvature 30mm Concave/ 5mm Convex
    Minimum Thickness Magnetic: 0.2mm/ Not Magnetic: 0.05mm
    LCD Display
    Low Battery Reminder Function
    Zero Point Calibration
    Single/ Continuous Measurement
    Auto Power-off
    Unit Conversion
    Data Storage 20 Groups
    Work Environment 0-50℃
    Power Supply 2*1.5V AAA Batteries
    Dimension 123*55.6*28.8mm
    Package Weight 0.2kg


    Details of 0-1700μm coating thickness gauge


    Applications of coating thickness gauge

    Tips: Magnetic force measurement principle of coating thickness gauge

    The suction force between the permanent magnet (probe) and the magnetically conductive steel is proportional to the distance between the two, and this distance is the thickness of the coating. Using this principle to make a paint thickness gauge, as long as the difference between the magnetic permeability of the coating and the substrate is large enough, it can be measured. In view of the fact that most industrial products are stamped and formed by structural steel and hot-rolled cold-rolled steel plates, magnetic coating thickness testers are the most widely used. The paint thickness meter is basically composed of magnetic steel, relay spring, scale and self-stop mechanism. After the magnet is attracted to the measured object, the measuring spring is gradually elongated and the tension gradually increases. When the pulling force is just greater than the suction force, the size of the pulling force is recorded at the moment the magnet is separated, and the coating thickness can be obtained. The new paint depth gauge can automatically complete this recording process. Different types of coating thickness gauges have different ranges and applications. The magnetic coating thickness gauge is characterized by easy operation, sturdiness and durability, no power supply, no calibration before measurement, and low price, which is very suitable for on-site quality control in the workshop.

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    Wolfgang | 12/16/2020 7:08 AM
    Good coating thickness gauge tool
    This is a good coating thickness gauge tool that can be used to estimate the total paint thickness. Its price is very cheap and its accuracy is also high. I am very satisfied with this shopping and I strongly recommend you to buy it.