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    16 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi

    Buy air blow gun with extended nozzle at cheap price. The adjustable product length is 435mm to 660mm, can meet the dust removal requirements of different parts, is the best air tool choice for your dust cleaning works. 16” air barrel, 90 psi working pressure, 1/4 inch air inlet.
    SKU: T-KP-124
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    Wholesale price air blow gun with high quality. Flexible 410mm barrel can be adjusted according to your needs. Length of air blow gun before barrel extending is 435mm, and is 660mm after extending.


    Model T-KP-124
    Barrel length 16 Inch/ 410mm
    Working pressure 90 PSI
    Maximum working pressure 145 PSI
    Air inlet size 1/4 Inch
    Length of product before barrel extending 435mm
    Length of product after barrel extending 660mm
    Barrel material Aluminum alloy
    Handle material Alloy
    Overall length 410mm
    Net weight 0.25kg
    Package weight 0.3kg


    Applications of air blow gun

    Tips: How to use the air blow gun to do dust removal of the cars safely?

    The air blow gun is an air tool that can be used to clean the interior parts of the car, and it can also remove the residual water droplets in the windows, rearview mirrors, etc. But how to use the air blow gun to do dust removal of the cars safely? Pay attention to the following points when using it:

    • When the pneumatic blow gun is working, the working pressure cannot exceed 145psi, so as not to damage the air duster gun.
    • Before use, test whether it will damage the cleaned objects, especially the old vehicles.
    • Use special cleaning fluid to avoid damage to the parts of the pneumatic blow gun.
    • It is forbidden to use air blow gun against people.
    • After the construction is completed, clean the pneumatic blow gun and place it in a dry and ventilated place.
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