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    168-Piece Household Hand Tool Set

    Professional 168 pieces household hand tool set for sale, 3/8”, 1/4” socket set, socket screwdriver kit, hex keys, lineman’s pliers, long nose pliers, claw hammer, adjustable wrench, combination wrenches, wire stripper cutter and other precision tools are included in a durable storage box. Perfect for home and automotive repair, DIY and circuit inspection.
    SKU: T-HTS-168
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    Shop of 168 pieces hand tool kit at wholesale price for not only home repair and DIY around the house, but also for auto and bicycle maintain. The set box is made from durable plastic, which help you both store tools and take along.


    Model T-HTS-168
    Case Dimension 440mm * 240mm * 90mm
    Weight 6000g

    1. Flat Head Screwdriver, 6mm * 38mm
    1. Phillips Head Screwdriver, 6mm *38mm
    2. Level Tape Measure, 3m
    3. 6 PCS Combination Wrenches, 8mm/10mm/12mm/13mm/14mm/15mm
    4. Ratchet Handle
    5. Flat Head Screwdriver, 6mm * 100mm
    5. Phillips Head Screwdriver, 6mm *100mm
    6. Socket Adapter, 3/8 inch
    7. Deep Socket Pluss, 3/8 inch, 16mm
    8. 5 PCS Precision Screwdrivers
    9. Drive Quick-Release Ratchet, 3/8 inch
    10. Torpedo Level
    11. 4 PCS Spring Clamps
    12. 60 PCS Commonly Used Fasteners and Anchors
    13. 20 PCS Short Screwdriver Bits
    14. Wire Stripper Cutter
    15. Claw Hammer
    16. Adjustable Wrench, 8 inch
    17. Water Pump Pliers
    18.  Lineman’s Pliers
    19. Long Nose Pliers
    20. Utility Knife
    21. Hacksaw
    22. 9 PCS Hex Keys, 1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm
    23. PVC Insulation Tape
    24. Power Drill Socket Adapter
    25. 10 PCS Long Screwdriver Bits, 50mm
    26. Socket Adapter, 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch
    27. 12 PCS Drive 6 Point Metric Sockets, 1/4 inch, 4mm/4.5mm/5mm/5.5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/9mm/10mm/11mm/12mm/13mm
    28. 10 PCS inch Drive 6 Point Metric Sockets, 3/8 inch, 10mm/11mm/12mm/13mm/14mm/15mm/16mm/ 17mm/18mm/19mm

    Package Included 168 PCS Hand Tools, A Storage Case

    Package Included

    168-Piece Household Hand Tool Set Details

    168 PCS Household Hand Tools


    168 PCS Household Hand Tool Set Application

    Tips: 9 essential tools in your home tool set
    For a new homeowner with no expertise, a basic home tool kit is needed. Here are 10 essential tools what you need.
    1. Screwdriver. Screwdrivers are divided into flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, precision screwdriver. These screwdrivers are used to tighten cabinet, install a light switch or pry the cover of paint can.
    2. Tape measure. You can measure anything what you want, from the wall area to wood thickness. Our tool set provides 3m level tape measure that helps you achieve tasks easily.
    3. Tool storage box. It is necessary to store your tools in the storage case. The storage case will help to keep your tools from damage as well as lead you find right tools immediately.
    4. Hammer. A claw hammer is a common tool for home repair. It can be used for driving nails into the wall and wood. The claw head can help you remove crooked or wrong nails.
    5. PVC insulation tape. PVC insulation tape is used for fix damaged tarps and broken barrels among other things.
    6. Flashlight. The flashlight will light you when you work at night. If your house has a power cut, the flashlight will save you from the dark night.
    7. Pliers. Pliers have a great many uses, such as straightening power cord plugs and cutting off the wire. We offer long nose pliers, lineman’s pliers and diagonal cutting pliers, etc.
    8. Utility Knife. You will open the tool set again and again because you use the utility knife to sharpen pencils, mark grooves and scrap wood.
    9. Adjustable wrench. We offer 8 inch adjustable wrench in hand tool set. An adjustable wrench will be needed for bicycle repair, home repair and professional repair.

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    Chandler | 9/13/2021 8:38 AM
    Essentials for repairers
    Very well made and useful 168-piece household hand tool set. Bought as a gift and I am very happy with it. A must-have item for repairers.