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    21V Electric Pruning Shears

    Good price 21 volt electric tree pruner for sale. Two-stage opening design, the cutting capacity of the blade can be adjusted to 25mm small diameter power saving mode, which improves efficiency; or 30mm cutting mode, which can shear 30mm diameter thick branches. It has an intelligent safety switch, you need to press the switch twice in succession to start, preventing accidental operation and injury.
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    Wholesale price 30mm cutting capacity electric pruning scissors are provided. The built-in 21v rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 2-3 hours and work efficiently for 3-4 hours, outputting long-term working power for tree branch pruning, nursery pruning, flower pruning and other garden pruning work.


    Model T-DR21
    Rated Voltage 21 Volt
    Battery Capacity Li-ion 3.0 Ah
    Power Supply Direct Current
    Speed Adjustment Mode CVT
    Charging Time 2-3 h
    Working Hours 3-4 h
    Cutting Diameter 30mm
    Net Weight 1.2 kg
    Package Included

    1*21V Electric Pruning Shears




    Details of 21V electric pruning shears


    Applications of electric pruning shears

    Tips: Safety tips for 21 volt electric pruning shears

    • When operating the electric pruning shears, you should hold the surface insulated place, because the cutting blade may touch the concealed wiring, and touching the live wire may make the exposed metal parts of the electric pruning scissors live and cause the operator to get an electric shock.
    • When making adjustments or replacing accessories, please remove the battery of the electric pruning shears.
    • Don't pull or hang the charger by wire.
    • It is not possible to disconnect the charger from the power supply by pulling the charger wire.
    • Keep the charger wire away from heat, oil and sharp objects.
    • Store the electric garden shears/ charger/ battery at a temperature not exceeding 40℃ and not lower than 0℃ for charging.
    • Only use the charger attached to the electric shears for trees to charge the battery.
    • Do not charge outdoors.
    • Do not charge the battery in a humid environment.
    • Do not use the charger when the power cord or plug is damaged. The wire or plug should be replaced immediately at the officially registered SKIL service station.
    • The damaged battery should be replaced immediately.
    • Do not disassemble the charger or battery.
    • The battery will explode when thrown into a fire, so keep it away from the source of ignition.
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    Rachel | 1/21/2021 6:49 AM
    Sharp electric pruning shears
    My neighbor saw me pruning branches with an axe every day, so he recommended this electric pruning shears to me. It is extremely sharp, it can easily cut branches without any effort, and its blade is very rigid, and it does not need to be sharpened after repeated use, which saves me time.