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    48V Electric Pruning Shears

    Buy 48 volt battery pruning shears at competitive price. The SK5 sharp blade can quickly cut 30mm diameter thick branches in one second, and the cut is flat without tearing the bark. The lightweight design of the brushless motor makes the body compact and will not be fatigued after long-term use, which is more advantageous than hand pruning tools.
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    Best sale electric garden shears. The charging voltage is 220V, the input power is 300W and the working time is 2-3 hours per charge. High quality electricity powered pruning scissors which is equipped with detachable blades, mesh vents and large-capacity 48 volt rechargeable battery.


    Model T-JD1
    Battery Capacity 48 Volt
    Cutting Diameter 30mm
    Minimum Shear Radius 5mm
    Charging Time 2-3 h
    Working Hours 2-3 h
    Power Supply 1.5AH Battery
    Charging Voltage 220 Volt
    Input Power 300W
    Dimension 27.5*11*7.5cm
    Net Weight 1.1 kg
    Package Weight 2 kg
    Package Included

    1*48V Electric Pruning Shears




    Details of 48v electric pruning shears


    Applications of electric pruning shears

    Tips: How to use the 48v electric pruning shears correctly?

    • Wear protective gloves when working.
    • The cutting point should not be too close to the trunk, which will help the wound healing of the branches.
    • When cutting, start cutting at 8 mm from the bud.
    • When cutting, it should be cut diagonally away from the new buds to reduce water loss.
    • Don't cut off the trunk and new shoots of the branches.
    • Don't cut hard things with electric garden shears.
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    Jasmine | 7/21/2021 6:17 AM
    Powerful pruning shear
    This the most powerful pruning shears I have owned. It is fast, sharp, and strong.It lasts a long time on a charge. I have large azalea beds and ornamental shrubs that constantly need something cut. I highly recommend this pruner and would give it a six star if I could.