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    3-Piece Wood Rasp Set, Round/Half-Round/Flat

    Wholesale 8 inch wood rasp file set at favorable price, comes with 3 pieces rasp tools with round, half-round and flat shape, bastard cut. High quality steel construction for durability, soft rubber handle for comfortable and long lasting work, great for various woodworking.
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    High quality 3-piece wood rasp set has 8 in. round rasp, 8 in. half round rasp and 8 in. flat round rasp in one package. Featuring durable high quality steel construction and soft rubber handle, these bastard-cut rasps are great hand tools for filing in woodworking.


    Model T-FILE-4WR
    Rasp Type Half round Round Flat
    Rasp Size 8 inch 8 inch 8 inch
    Overall Length 315mm 310mm 315mm
    Overall Width 20mm 10mm 20mm
    Weight 188g 126g 175g
    Material Steel
    Number of Piece 3PCS
    Set Weight 0.6kg
    Set Included 1pc half round rasp, 1pc round rasp, 1pc flat rasp

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    8-inch Wood Rasp Usage

    Tips: The use of wood rasp

    Proper selection of wood rasp has a great impact on processing quality, work efficiency and the service life of rasp.

    • Coarse wood rasp
      The rasp has a large tooth pitch and tooth depth, and is not easy to be blocked. It is suitable for rough sharpening (that is, large filing allowance, low precision level and low surface quality requirements) and relatively soft wood materials filing with improved efficiency
    • Fine wood rasp
      It is suitable for processing harder materials, and often used in fine processing to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts.

    The filing direction of the rasp should be perpendicular to the wood grain or at a certain angle. The teeth of the rasp are arranged forward, that is, the rasp is in the filing (working) state when the file is pushed forward, and it is in the non-file (non-working) state when the file is returned. Therefore, when pushing the rasp, press down forcefully to complete the filing, but avoid shaking up and down, and do not use force when returning to the file to avoid dull teeth.

    The correct holding gesture of the wood rasp helps to improve the quality of the sharpening. The grip method of the rasp are as follow. The palm of one hand is placed against the end of the wooden handle of the file, the thumb is placed on the handle of the rasp, and the other four fingers are bent under the handle, so as to firm grip the handle of rasp. The other hand can be used with a variety of postures according to the size of the rasp and the intensity of the force.

    Precautions for using the wood rasp

    • Wood rasp cannot be used to file metal materials, and cannot be used as a pry bar or knock the workpiece.
    • When placing the wood rasp aside, do not expose its work surface to prevent the file from falling and hurt your feet.
    • The wood rasp also cannot be stacked with each other or with the other measuring tools.
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    Thomas | 7/21/2021 2:25 AM
    Value product
    For the price, these are great rasps! I used this 3-Piece wood rasp set for a wood shaping project. I think these rasps are nicely made and comfortable to use. I have been using it for a month, they held up nicely and still look brand new after high-frequency use. These rasps are suitable for shaping and repairing rough wood in my work. Good value for the cost.