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    3 Ton Electric Car Jack

    Best 3 ton portable car jack tool box, built-in a electric jack with 3 ton maximum capacity and a controller, a battery connection cable, a 3.5m cigarette lighter power cable, a hand-held rocker, 3 fuses and a tripod warning sign on the shell. 3 ton electrc car jack for car/SUV features two jack heads with lift range 120-370mm and 170-420mm respectively, size 40*15.5*11cm, power supply DC 12V and rated power 100W.
    SKU: T-ECJ-3T
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    3 ton electric car jack for car or SUV has DC 12 volt operating voltage, 100W rated power and 2 lift range 120-370mm / 170-420mm.


    • 3 ton car jack is made of thick steel and anti-oxidation paint, with a thickened solid screw shaft, over-top protection device, and low-power DC motor.
    • The jack head adopts anti-skid cross groove design to ensure that the car remains stable during the lifting process and the operator is very safe.
    • The working voltage of electric jack is the universal car supply voltage 12VDC. There are two wiring methods, one is connecting to the cigarette lighter interface, and the other is to the car battery.
    • The electric controller makes lifting more convenient. If something goes wrong in lifting process, using the rocker to lower the jack.
    • Portable tool box has thickened shell and a tripod warning sign outside. Car jack and accessories are placed in categories, easy to receiving, taking and placing.


    Tool Box Model T-ECJ-ZS3SJ
    Shipping weight 6.7kg
    Size 44*26*12.5cm
    Packing included 1 * electric car jack
    1 * plastic tool box
    1 * battery cable
    1 * cigarette lighter cable 3.5m
    3 * fuses
    1 * hand-held rocker
    1 * pair of gloves
    2 * jack heads (for car/SUV)
    1 * user manual
    Certification CE, TUV, RoHS
    Jack Maximum capacity (car weight) 3 ton
    Rated power 100W
    Operating voltage DC 12V
    Maximum current 13A
    Overload current (fuse) 15A
    Lift range 120-370mm / 170-420mm
    Weight 4.8kg
    Size 40*15.5*11cm
    Master Carton Set/Carton 4
    1 carton gross weight 26.4kg
    1 carton size 53.5*44.5*27cm

    Tips: 8 attention points for buying a car jack

    1. Confirm the required capacity when purchasing. The recommended capacity of the car jack is 20% higher than the car's own weight.
    2. Car jack height and stroke selection according to the height requirements of the car chassis, and then selects the appropriate body height and required stroke. For our online car jack, there are two lift range of 120-370mm / 170-420mm, so it only needs to choose the jack heads instead of choose car jack.
    3. The frequency of use is completely different from car owners and repair shops. According to their own requirements, if it is a place of high frequency use like a repair shop, it is recommended to buy a hydraulic car jack.
    4. High temperature or anti-corrosion requirements are based on actual use conditions. If you need high temperature or anti-corrosion requirements, it is necessary to choose a jack with special surface treatment and special material seals.
    5. If the car jack is required to have the ability to resist eccentric load, a special load-bearing design or a hydraulic jack with a tiltable saddle can be selected.
    6. If you need to maintain the load for a long time, choose a self-locking hydraulic jack.
    7. If you need to work in a small space, choose a thin electric scissor jack.
    8. If you need to go through a hydraulic jack, you can choose a hollow jack.
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