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    30 Piece Trim Removal Tool Kit

    Cheap 30 piece car trim removal tool kit for automotive center console/ panel/ window/ door trim disassembly, contains 11 interior trim disassemble tools, 6 stereo removal tools, 8 terminal removal tools, 2 U-shaped removal tools, 2 plastic fastener remover and a multifunctional crowbar.
    SKU: T-TRTK-30PC
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    30 piece trim removal tool kit is made of engineering plastic and stainless steel. It can quickly disassemble all car interior trim and panel without leaving scratches.


    Model T-TRTK-30PC
    Shipping weight 1.5kg
    Total number of pieces 30
    Material Engineering plastic and stainless steel
    Applicable vehicles All types of vehicles
    Package included 11 * interior trim disassemble tools
    6 * stereo removal tools
    8 * wire terminal removal tools
    2 * U-shaped removal tools
    2 * plastic fastener removers
    1 * multifunctional crowbar
    1 * portable storage bag

    Tips: How to remove the door trim of the BMW 5 Series

    1. Along the gap between the interior trim strip and the interior trim panel, extend the interior trim disassemble tool into the gap, gently pry, and pry open the inner clip little by little, so that the door trim strip is removed.
    2. After the trim strip is removed, you will find the first screw that fixes the interior trim panel. Use the screwdriver to remove this screw. The disassembled screws should be put away for installation.
    3. Take out a small interior trim disassemble tool and use it to gently pry off the inner handle cover on the door. Note that you must be slow when prying, the clip of this small cover is very brittle. So be extra careful.
    4. After removing the inner handle cover, you will find hidden screws inside. Similarly, take out the screwdriver to remove this screw and put it away. These two screws are used to fix the door trim panel, and now all the screws are removed.
    5. Next, remove the door trim panel. Take out the big trim disassemble tool, follow the gap between the door trim panel and the door panel, use the plastic tool to pry open the clips inside one by one to separate the clips from the door panel. Then lift the BMW door trim panel with your hands to separate the door trim panel from the door panel.
    6. Finally, unplug the wiring harness plug on the BMW door trim panel. These plugs are more difficult to take down. Use the terminal removal tool will be very fast.
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    Perplexer | 3/3/2021 2:23 AM
    30 piece trim removal tool kit can save money
    The four doors of Dad's car were damaged to varying degrees and needed to be removed and reinstalled, but the cost of disassembly was much more expensive than the cost of installation, so Dad decided to disassemble it himself. It bought this 30 piece  trim removal tool kit on, which can be easily disassembled to remove all 4 doors on my car, and it can also save the cost of disassembling the doors.