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    BMW Injector Puller for N20/N55 Engine

    Best BMW injector puller tool for removal and installation N20/N55 engine fuel injector, wholesale price, aluminum alloy and carbon steel material, portable tool box easy to storage in car/truck or garage.
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    Portable injector removal tool is special desined for BMW N20/N55 engine fuel injector. There is no need for the user to assemble it, and it is equipped with a suitable tool box for easy storage and carrying.


    Model T-ST8500
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Total number of pieces 1
    Material Aluminum alloy, carbon steel
    Applicable vehicles BMW
    Applicable engines N20, N55
    Package included 1 * injector puller tool
    1 * tool box

    Tips: How to revmove the fuel injector of BMW N55 engine?
    BMW X6 engine fuel injectors can't be disassembled without N55 injector puller tool. Unprofessional tool will damage the vehicle's fuel injectors. Even if they are barely dismantled, they may also cause safety hazards and unsafe engine operation.

    The operation steps of N55 injector removal are as follows:

    1. Unscrew the nut, remove the ground wire, loosen and pull out the plug of the spray device, loosen and remove the screw plug.
    2. Unscrew the bolt, remove the clamping plate and clamp connectors, and remove the EMC board.
    3. Unscrew the bolt, pull out and remove the hold-down device, pull the injection device up from the cylinder head and remove it.

    Note: If there are several fuel injectors, it must ensure that each injector is reinstalled to its original installation position (cylinder). Mark the fuel injectors clearly.

    The removal operation steps of the fixed type injector:

    1. Use special injector puller tool to disassemble the fixed type injector device. Apply a small amount of oil to the puller thread before using the injector puller.
      Note: The puller thread is a left-hand thread, and the socket thread is a right-hand thread.
    2. Install the injector puller tool on the guide hole of the injector device, and install the bolt on the guide hole of the injector device according to a certain pitch. Screw the socket onto the injector device and tighten it. If necessary, turn the screw up or down, and then tighten the bolts.
    3. Adjust the torque wrench to 5 Nm. Together with the injector removal tool, the maximum pulling force will be 2000N. (If the torque wrench breaks when the injector device is pulled out, the injector device must be replaced!)
      Install the torque wrench on the square head of the injector puller tool. Turn the torque wrench clockwise until the injector device is pulled out. Note that the lock pin should not be exposed on the surface of the cylinder head cover. If necessary, press the lock pin back. After disassembly, seal the injector nozzle and the fuel line joint with the protective cover.
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    Sonly | 1/6/2022 7:57 AM
    I like this BWM injector puller very much.
    The use of this BWM injector puller is very simple and can help me complete my work perfectly. I recommend you to buy it.