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    36 Inch Automotive Creeper, Black/Red

    36 inch automotive creeper for wholesale, total size (L*W*H) 36" * 17" * 4", height above ground 1-1/2", one-piece PE creeper board with maximum load weight 2 ton (4400lbs), 2 grooves for placing tools and parts, 6 universal wheels for quick move.
    SKU: T-CRP-P36
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    36 inch mechanic creeper is the smallest automotive plastic creeper. However, it has the same parameters of other automotive creeper. There are 2 colors red/black for selection. The LED light is also optional.


    Model T-CRP-P36
    Weight 4kg
    Total size (L*W*H) 36" * 17" * 4" (920*430*95mm)
    Height above ground 1-1/2" (40mm)
    Load weight 0~2 ton (0~4400lbs)
    Creeper material PE
    Creeper color * Red, black
    Headrest material Sponge, PVC
    Headrest color Black
    Universal wheel quantity 6
    Universal wheel diameter 3"
    Groove quantity 2
    Groove size (L*W*H) 9-1/2" * 2-1/2" * 3/4" (240*65*20mm)
    LED light * Magnetic tail end
    Adjustable simi-rigid cable
    4 * LR44 button batteries

    Tips: Advantages of automotive creeper

    1. The ergonomic design of automotive creeper makes repairer from lying directly on the ground, which is not only clean but also comfortable.
    2. The one-piece plastic creeper is easy to clean and dry.
    3. The height above ground is low to ensure that the repairer have enough space under the vehicle.
    4. The tool grooves are convenient for storing necessary tools such as wrenches and sockets, so as not to climb out of the bottom of the car frequently to get other tools. The disassembled parts can also be stored, so it will save time and effort when reinstalling.
    5. The optional LED light can not only illuminate the repair position at the bottom of the car, but also put the wrench on the strong magnetic part of the light tail, freeing both hands for other operations.
    6. Repairer can control the rotation direction of the universal wheel only by relying on their feet, and quickly adjust the position of the person and the creeper.
    7. The handle at the rear is designed for pulling with hand, and it is also convenient to directly hang the creeper on the wall to save storage space.
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