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    360 Degree Dash Cam 2D, 4 Cameras for Car

    360 degree panoramic dash cam for car, 4 pcs 180° cameras recording real-time traffic status, 2D bird's eye view showing road condition and car position, supporting maximum 32GB USB card, good for reversing/ recording/ replay viewing, easy to installation.
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    360° dash cam with 2D vision is the cheapest 360-degree panoramic monitoring system for car. It has one-key automatic calibration function.


    1. 4 cameras recording
      Front, rear, left & right cameras record real-time traffic status simultaneously.
    2. 360 degree reverse image
      4 car-level fish-eye cameras seamlessly compose a 360-degree panorama for a birds eye view on display. It helps the driver to clearly understand the surrounding environment of the vehicle and makes reversing more convenient.
    3. 2D vision
      The 2D model of the car in the display makes it easier for the driver to observe and analyze real-time road conditions and driving trajectories.
    4. G-sensor
      Turn on collision sensing function. After an emergency brake or collision, 360 dash cam will automatically lock the current video without being deleted/ overwritten, and save it as the accident evidence.
    5. Replay viewing
      Use the car dash cam to view the playback video anytime, anywhere, and observe the recorded content to quickly resolve driving disputes.
    6. Loop recording
      Whenever the memory card is full, the dash cam will automatically loop cover the previously unlocked videos, which will save storage space and save the most recent videos at all times.
    7. Super night vision
      In the absence of light, the night vision function is still powerful. Even in a very dark environment, cameras can still shoot a clear picture.
    8. Automatic calibration with map
      360 dash cam supports system one-key automatic calibration. Accurate algorithm will truly achieve zero deviation of the image, and ensure no blind area in the display. Special calibration map needs to be purchased separately.


    Basic Model T-DV360C
    Weight 1.4kg
    Size 280*192*103mm
    Supporting language English
    Certification CE
    Warranty 12 months
    Packing included 1 * 360 degree parking system host (without memory card)
    4 * cameras (front, rear, left & right)
    1 * remote control
    1 * remote receiver
    4 * extension cables for cameras
    1 * wire harness
    1 * installation accessories set
    1 * user manual
    1 * color box
    Display Display * No display (connect to car DVD reversing display)
    External display
    Note: If the reversing display is the original car own display, you need to install a decoder. If the reversing display is a non-original display on the market, you don't need a decoder. If there is no reversing display in vehicle, you can select our external display.
    Display mode 2D 360° view & front view, 2D 360° view & rear view, 2D 360° view & left view, and 2D 360° view & right view
    Camera Type of lens Fish-eye lens S/225
    Resolution 1280*720P
    Visual angle 180°
    Protection class IP68
    360 degree parking system host
    Size 122*72*25mm
    Working voltage 12VDC
    Rated current 800mA
    Supporting memory card Maximum 32G (USB card)
    Recording time Maximum 20 hours for 4 cameras (using 32G card)
    Functions 4 cameras recording synchronously
    360 degree reverse image
    2D vision
    Replay viewing
    Loop recording
    Super night vision
    Automatic calibration with MAP

    Tips: How to automatically calibrate 360 dash cam with checkerboard map?

    1. Lay out the checkerboard map
      • For 360 dash cam 2D:
        The front and back checkerboard cloths are based on the rectangle formed by measuring tape, and put is to the outside. The center line of the checkerboard cloth is required to be same with the center line of the rectangle.
        The left and right checkerboard cloths are based on the rectangular box formed by measuring tape, and also put it to the outside. The center line is aligned with the camera of the left and right rearview mirror.
        Read L (rectangle length), W (rectangle width), D (offset position), and record, D1=D2=D. D1/D2 is the distance between front cloth and left/right cloth.
      • For 360 dash cam 3D:
        The map consists of two checkerboard cloths, a large U-shaped cloth in front of the car, and a small square cloth in the back of the car. Lay the two pieces of cloth smoothly in order. Note that the distance between the tail of the front cloth and the back cloth should be selected according to the length of the car body. The distance on the indicator line is 0.8m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m, 1.8m, etc.
    2. Adjust the camera position
      • For the front and rear cameras, adjust the angle of the camera until you see that there is no gap between the image and the car body, and does not cover the black and white checkerboard intersection.
      • For the left and right cameras, adjust the angle of the camera until you see part of the car body. At the same time, A and B should be the same as possible. That is, the checkerboards seen from the front and rear of the car look similar. Try to avoid serious deformation in one place.
      • The distance between the calibration cloth on the left and right sides and the car body should be the same as possible.
    3. Calibration
      Enter the 360 ​​dash cam setting menu and select the calibration option. According to the actual distance between the back cloth and the front cloth, select the corresponding distance option. Then choose "starting calibration" and the 360 degree panoramic system enters the 4 in 1 monitoring interface. Press the remote control again, and the system will start automatic calibration. About 10-20 seconds, the interface will prompt whether the calibration is successful.
      • If the calibration is successful, the system will automatically restart after 3 seconds.
      • If the calibration fails, the system will prompt which camera failed the calibration.
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