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    4-wheel garden hose reel cart

    Buy 4-wheel garden hose reel cart with 260 ft. x 3/4 inch PVC water hose, 6.5 ft. leader hose, 10 patterns spray nozzle, water temperature from -5 to +65 ℃, iron bracket with 4 wheels, best for home and commercial use.
    SKU: T-GHRC-80M
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    Heavy duty garden hose reel cart, 3/4 inch x 260 ft. PVC water hose can take care of your garden and yard very well. It comes with iron bracket and 4 wheels, which is convenient for commercial and home irrigation.


    Model T-GHR-FG03A
    Hose Size 3/4 inch
    Hose Length 260 ft. (80m)
    Leading Pipe Length 6.5 Feet (2m)
    Hose Material PVC
    Body Material Metal
    Working Pressure 10 Bar
    Water Temperature -5 to +65 ℃
    Dimension 67 * 95 * 95cm
    Weight 23kg
    Package Included 1 PC Garden Hose Reel Cart (Need to be installed)
    1 PC Spray Nozzle
    1 PC Tap Connector
    1 PC 3/4" Leader Hose, 6.5 ft. (2m)


    High quality iron pipe as the support bracket has high strength and good durability.

    Copper connector connect with leader hose can accept strong water pressure, tough and corrosion resistant.

    4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Detail 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Detail 1
    Two inflatable rubber wheels and two universal wheels can take the water hose everywhere. The hand crank with a rubber sleeve helps you collect the hose easily.
    4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Detail 2 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Detail 3

    Spray Patterns

    10 Water Spray Patterns

    Tips: How to Select a Garden Hose Reel Cart?

    A garden hose reel cart can meet all your needs for garden and yard irrigation. It is easy to use, portable and useful. You could shop one according to the size of your garden space. Garden hose cart can bring the entire hose to where it’s needed. Before use, connect the leader hose with a faucet, and pull out the water until its long enough to water your plants. After use, roll up the water hose and disconnect with the faucet. With the hose reel, you won’t have problems with hose tangles and plants damage.
    If you have a back or front yard and your gardening is just watering lawn and other plants, a portable hose reel cart or a retractable hose reel may work best. If your garden is big enough, you should invest a two or four wheels garden hose reel cart. A 2-wheel garden hose reel cart has two inflatable wheels, it can carry more than 100 ft. hoses. A hose reel cart with four wheels accepts more than 300 ft. hoses. Although they can handle heavy duty water hoses, they are small enough to store in your garden shed and garage. A hose reel cart with large inflatable wheels may be best if you are a serious gardener with a large garden.

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