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    100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart

    Best portable garden hose reel cart for sale, comes with 100 ft. x 1/2 inch PVC water hose, 6.5 ft. leader hose, adjustable high pressure spray nozzle, aluminum bracket with two wheels, convenient to take care of your garden.
    SKU: T-GHRC-30M
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    100 ft. x 1/2 inch PVC water hose can roll up easily with the water hose reel cart. The hose reel cart with two wheels allows you to water plants easily.


    Model T-GHR-PR3015
    Hose Size 1/2 inch
    Hose Length 100 ft. (30m)
    Leading Pipe Length 6.5 Feet (2m)
    Hose Material PVC
    Body Material Metal, PVC, ABS
    Working Pressure 10 Bar
    Water Temperature -10 to +65 ℃
    Dimension 46 * 40 * 75cm
    Weight 9kg
    Package Included 1 PC Garden Hose Reel Cart
    1 PC Spray Nozzle
    1 PC Threaded Tap Connector
    1 PC Universal Tap Connector
    2 PCS Water Adapter
    1 PC Universal Elbow Fitting
    1 PC 1/2" Leader Hose, 5 ft. (1.5m)


    Metal bracket
    It is an extended aluminum bracket, durable and rust-proof.

    Two discs are made from high quality plastic with hollow-carved design.
    Detail of 100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart Detail of 100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart 1
    Hand crank
    It can be rotated 180 degrees to roll up water hose quickly.

    Two reinforced plastic wheels have groove lines, which are non-slip and wear resistant.

    Detail of 100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart 2 Detail of 100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart 3

    Spray Nozzle Details

    Water Spray Nozzle of 100 ft. Garden Hose Reel Cart

    Tips: Why You Need the Garden Water Hose Reel & Cart?

    A garden hose reel can solve water hose tangles problem, it is obvious. Having a hose reel or hose reel cart is better than placing your hose in a messy way. Why you should buy a hose reel?

    • Convenient to use and store.
      The hose reels are divided into attractable hose reel, wall mounted hose reel, and hose reel cart, etc., they are more convenient than unorganized one for garden irrigation. In addition, unattended water hose will become safety hazards. For example, kids could trip on them. Or the creases appears causing too much water to accumulate in an area. These will affect the water hose use. Owning a hose reel can store your water hose in a safe place.
    • Keep your garden tidy. After use, the hose can be rolled up with the hose reel instead of laying on the ground in a mess. It will keep the hose away from bacterial or other contaminants that reduce it service life. Carrying a hose reel can help you easily water plants and keep them growing healthy. Each hose reel & cart will aids you to build a beautiful garden.
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