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    400 Yards Golf Laser Rangefinder, 6X Magnification

    Lower price golf laser rangefinder with 400 Yards measuring range, 6X magnification, LCD display golf mode, non-slope rangefinder delivers accurate distances within 1 yard, unit can be set for yards or meters.
    SKU: T-LR-400
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    400 Yards laser rangefinder distance measuring tool best for construction/ golf/ hunting at wholesale price. Features Target Acquisition Technology (TAG), which scans objects in your field of view while focusing on your desired target for improved accuracy with 6X magnification. Superior accuracy to +/- 1 yard, 6 color for selection.


    Model T-LR-400
    Ranging Method Laser pluse
    Distance Measuring Range 400 Yards
    Measuring Time 0.1s
    Color White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, ArmyGreen (Optional)
    Ranging Accuracy ± 1 Yards
    Angle Measuring Accuracy -60°~+60°
    Magnification 6X
    Objiective Caliber 24mm
    Eyepiece Caliber 16mm
    Focus Way Eyepiece Focus
    Display LCD, Golf mode (M/ YD)
    Waterproof Yes
    Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
    Battery Model CR2-3V (Not included)
    Size 105×40×72 mm
    Weight 0.28kg
    Packing Included 1 x 400 Yards Laser Rangefinder
    1 x Nylon Bag
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x User Manual


    400 yards laser rangefinder details

    Tips: What is laser rangefinder?

    Laser rangefinder is a kind of instrument which can accurately measure the distance of measured target by modulating laser parameters. It is widely used for golf, construction and hunting. Pulse laser rangefinder is to shoot a beam or a series of short pulse laser beam to the target when it is working. The reflected laser beam is received by the photoelectric element. The timer measures the time from emission to receiving of the laser beam and calculates the distance from the rangefinder to the target. In order to transmit and receive the laser and time, the laser rangefinder consists of a laser transmitter, a receiver, a clock frequency oscillator and a distance counter. Unit can be set for yards or meters.

    When the laser beam emitted by the laser rangefinder distance measuring tool is powerful enough, the range can be as much as 40 kilometers or more. The laser rangefinder can work day and night, but when there are substances with high laser absorption rate in the space, the distance and accuracy of the ranging will decrease.

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