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    4PCS Stainless Steel Craft Tweezers Set

    Buy low price 4-piece craft tweezers set for hobby, jewelry making, electronics repair & assembly, etc. Precision tweezers set includes curved, spade tip, pointed tip and cross action tweezers, featuring durable and hardened stainless steel construction with fine polished, wear and corrosion resistant.
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    Cheap professional craft tweezers set for wholesale, comes with 4 pack of tweezers in different types, made from heat-treated stainless steel with fine surface polished, high hardness and toughness, wear resistance and easy to clean. The precision tweezers set is used to pick small items or tiny objects, suitable for hobbies, general crafts, electronics repair and assembly, DIY jewelry, medical, and more.


    Model T-RST-1104
    Number of Piece 4 pieces
    Material Stainless Steel
    Weight 55g
    Set Included 1pc × curved tweezers (120mm)
    1pc × spade tip tweezers (112mm)
    1pc × pointed tip tweezers (114mm)
    1pc × cross-lock tweezers (118mm)

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    4pcs Craft Tweezers Sizes

    Tips: Common tweezers types in daily life

    Tweezers are commonly used tools in home life. Some delicate objects cannot be picked up by fingers but the tweezers can. From the tip types of tweezers, different tweezers are needed for different scenarios. The following five types of stainless steel tweezers can basically meet most of the scenes in life that require tweezers.

    Pointed tip straight tweezers
    Not limited by the operating space, you can pick up fine things.

    Bent nose tweezers
    Convenient to pick up objects with side face, suitable for operation in narrow spaces.

    Slanted tip tweezers
    the slanted tip tweezers are most commonly used in beauty, easily grab all the little fine hairs. They can also be used for cleaning the desktop and computer keyboards where hair has fallen.

    Fine tip curved tweezers
    When disassembling digital equipment, it is used to clamp digital parts, etc. The smaller the tweezers tip, the more suitable for delicate operations. Clean them in time after use.

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    Sebastian | 12/1/2020 1:45 AM
    Complete set of craft tweezers
    Medical staff in the operating room need to use tweezers frequently. The logistics staff equips us with a complete set of tweezers, which are easy to pick up, not easy to lose, and easy to clean, which saves a lot of time for medical staff. If you are a medical worker I sincerely recommend you to buy this fully equipped tweezers set.