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    5 Inch Air Angle Grinder, 11000rpm

    5 inch air angle grinder for sale, has a no-load speed of 11000rpm, 1/4 inch air inlet, 8 cfm average air consumption. Mini pneumatic angle grinder can equipped with 5" grinding wheel or cutting disc for tasks such as material removal, metal cutting and weld preparation.
    SKU: T-AAG-05
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    Good price pneumatic angle grinder air tool comes with 5 inch (125mm) grinding wheel, 1/4" air inlet, 11000rpm free speed. Start/speed control integrated knob switch to prevent careless touch in the operation of the switch caused by the wrong operation. The air inlet is equipped with a strainer to effectively prevent foreign matter from entering the machine, provides stable operation and long service life.


    Model T-KP-635
    Grinding Wheel Diameter 5" (125mm)
    No-load Speed 11000rpm
    Air Inlet Size 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Case Color Golden / Silver (Optional)
    Power Source Air powered
    Average Air Consumption 8 cfm
    Working Pressure 0.63 Mpa
    Net Wight / Gross Weight 1.7kg / 2.3kg
    Overall Dimension 215*135mm
    Packing Included 1*Air Angle Grinder
    1*5 Inch Grinding Wheel

    5" Air Angle Grinder Dimension

    5 inch air angle grinder size

    5" Air Angle Grinder Details

    5 inch air angle grinder details

    Tips: How to Use Air Angle Grinder Safely?

    Even though the pneumatic angle grinder has many advantages, there are still some operating matters that need to be paid attention to during operation. How to use air angle grinder safely?

    1. When there is abnormal sound or excessive vibration, the inspection should be stopped immediately. Lubricating oil should be added to the angle grinder every day, and the blades should be regularly maintained or replaced.
    2. Before use, be sure to check whether the angle grinder has a protective cover, whether the protective cover is stable, and the angle grinder's grinding disc is installed firmly.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to use the broken grinding wheel. When cutting, prevent sparks from splashing, prevent splashing to others, and stay away from flammable and explosive materials.
    4. When the angle grinder is turned on, there will be a big swing, and it needs to be held firmly; after the switch is turned on, it can work after the grinding wheel rotates stably.
    5. The cutting direction cannot be towards people.
    6. When cutting or grinding with a pneumatic angle grinder, hold the handle of the angle grinder firmly and evenly; do not grasp the small parts with your hands to process the angle grinder.
    7. Wear protective goggles and suitable work clothes when operating the air angle grinder. Do not wear loose work clothes, do not wear jewelry or long hair, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without wearing gloves and cuffs.
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    Lizzy | 7/27/2021 6:00 AM
    nice customer service
    Package is intact and the delivery is fast, customer service tell me how to operate well before starting. The grind does it's work well, is the one what I want.