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    Electric Mini Concrete Mixer Machine, 500L, 400kg

    Portable 500L (17.5 cu.ft), 400kg electric cement concrete mixer machine with small and compact structure, best price, powered by 4kW single phase electric motor, 1380-1400 rpm of motor rotation speed. Hand-push type mini concrete mixer equipped with handle and wheels for easy moving.
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    When you want to mix concrete, cement, stones, mud, mortar, buy this electric mini concrete mixer that gives you high performance. It has 500 litre (17.5 cubic foot) small drum capacity, 400kg mixing capacity and 4kW motor power, a construction tool applies to engineering & construction, farm and so on.

    Mini Concrete Mixer Specification

    Model T-500L
    Drum Capacity 500L (17.5 cu.ft)
    Motor Power 4kW
    Motor Type Single phase motor
    Motor Rotation Speed 1380-1400 rpm
    Voltage 220-240V AC 50Hz
    Speed of Mixing 20r/min
    Stirring Amount 400kg
    Water Supply Mode Manual
    Mixing Way Automatic
    Working Cycle Period 1 min
    Barrel Thickness 2.5mm
    Barrel Diameter 750mm
    Barrel Mouth Diameter 420mm
    Barrel Height 1030mm
    Overall Width 790mm
    Overall Length 1600mm
    Overall Height 1360mm
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 110 / 115 kg
    Application Construction industry
    Warranty 12 months
    After-sales Service Provided Online support, no overseas service provided

    Features of Mini Concrete Mixer

    • All-steel construction, mini concrete mixer has long life span.
    • Large wheels, it's easy to move the mini concrete mixer to anywhere.
    • Pure copper motor with strong power, high efficiency.
    • The upper end of the motor is equipped with waterproof baffle, which can effectively protect the motor and make it more reliable to use.
    • Suitable for construction site, homeuse, farm.

    500L Concrete Mixer Dimension

    500L mini electric concrete mixer dimension

    Tips: 500L electric mini concrete mixer for rural concrete road construction

    The client intends to build a rural concrete road with 1.5 meters wide, 3 kilometers long and 10 cm thick. Since the scale of this concrete cement project is not large, the customer wants to buy a small concrete mixer at wholesale price through to mix concrete for engineering work. He wants to control the cost at around $100,000 and ask whether the use of a small concrete mixer can meet such requirements.

    We assist customers to make economical and practical solutions for this case. According to calculations, the total cost of laying such a cement country road is about 180,000 dollars. In addition to labor costs, small concrete mixer prices and electricity costs etc., the overall construction cost about 200,000 dollars. It is suggested that since it is a country road, whether to consider reducing the concrete surface to about 6 cm, the budget can be reduced to about half. The client adopted our company's plan to reduce the cement hardening of the country road to 7 cm, which happened to control the budget at about 100,000 dollars. For this, the client was satisfied. Finaly, he purchase 3 sets of 500L (17.5 cu.ft) portable small concrete mixers to prepare for construction work.

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    Gentle | 3/12/2021 8:20 AM
    Great 400kg concrete mixer
    We have used this 500L concrete mixer many times to mix cement for patio block molds and for pouring doorsteps and feet. It is easy to move due to its wheeled design.