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    50m Open Reel Steel Tape Measure

    Competitive price 50m / 164 ft easy read tape measure made of fine steel for thickening, and the measuring tape is more sturdy and wearable, open reel design, portable handle makes it easy to carry, suitable for road, electricity, construction and other long-distance measurement.
    SKU: T-STM-50
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    Buy 50m open reel steel tape measure surveying tool with hand crank for engineering construction measurement at low price. Features free turn function, easy to operate, comfortable grip, pressure and wear resistance.


    Model T-JGW-508
    Product Name Steel tape measure
    Measuring Range 50m / 164 ft
    Tape Width 12.5mm
    Material Steel
    Dimension L x W x T = 315 x 180 x 40mm
    Weight 1kg


    50m open reel steel tape measure dimension


    Long steel tape measure measurement details

    Open reel steel tape measure measuring tool details

    Tips: Precautions for using steel tape measure

    • The tape of the steel tape measure is generally made of chrome-plated, nickel or other coatings, so keep it clean. Do not rub the tape against the surface to be tested during measurement to prevent scratches.
    • When using a steel tape measure, do not use excessive force when pulling out the tape measure, but carefully pull it out, and let the tape measure slowly return after use.
    • For brake-type measuring tapes, first press the brake button, and then carefully pull out the tape. After use, press the brake button and the tape will retract automatically.
    • In order to facilitate the use at night or in dark places, some tapes are coated with luminous material on the line pattern surface, which can emit light in the dark, so that people can see the line pattern and numbers clearly. Pay attention to protecting the coating film during use.
    • It is not allowed to place the tape measure in a place with dampness or acid gas to prevent corrosion.
    • The tape can only be rolled, not folded.
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    Joost | 11/26/2020 1:33 AM
    Sturdy uncoiled steel tape measure
    I bought this roll of steel tape after careful consideration, because the steel tape I bought before was not strong enough, it broke when I bumped it. But the steel tape I bought on is different. It is made of steel and very strong, so I like it very much.