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    53 Gallon Reusable Yard Waste Leaf Bag

    Reusable yard waste bag for sale, leaf bag maximum capacity 53 gallon, the large yard waste bag has a wide range of uses, it can store garden waste and fallen leaves, can also store beer at a barbecue. The leaf bags are easy to fold and store, waterproof and not easy to tear.
    SKU: T-LB-53
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    Reusable leaf bags can hold 53 gallons of garden waste, environmentally friendly, strong and durable. Reusable garden bags can store all kinds of sundries in the yard.


    Model T-LB-53
    Product Name Yard Waste Bag
    Material 100% Polypropylene Fabric (PP)
    Color Green
    Size 22" x 17" x 30"
    Weight 0.37 kg


    Lawn and leaf bagsWhy collect fallen leaves?
    Collect the fallen leaves and concentrate them on the roots of the trees. After natural degradation, they can increase the content of organic matter in the soil, improve the aeration of the soil, improve the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer, adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, and make the trees grow longer in the coming years. Flourish. In addition, the litter cover on the soil surface can also inhibit dust, play a role in keeping the soil warm and moisturizing, and prevent the normal germination of weed seeds in the soil. After the fallen leaves are fermented, they are more conducive to plant absorption than the original fallen leaves. The dead branches and leaves are crushed with a branch and leaf crusher. The debris is disinfected with fungicides and insecticides and then piled up and remade. After fermentation and degradation, the resulting manure can promote the growth of flowers and plants.

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    Glenda | 7/21/2021 7:24 AM
    Durable and efficient reusable bags
    One of the best garden aids I have now. Terrific for gathering raspberry stems as I trim and hauling to compost. I used some for grass trimmings, cutting and hauling broccoli stems, kale stems to compost. I will buy again!!