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    Reusable Heavy Duty Leaf Bag

    Reusable heavy duty leaf bag helps you clear the garden debris, maximum capacity 33 gallons, reusable lawn bag made of canvas material, can withstand heavy objects, place fruits and vegetables, debris and fallen leaves.
    SKU: T-LB-33
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    The heavy duty leaf bag can be used in the garden yard lawn, can also be placed in the car to load garbage, durable, 33 gallons, multi-function leaf bag low price, free shipping.


    Model T-LB-33
    Product Name Yard Waste Bag
    Capacity 33 Gallon
    Material Canvas
    Color Green
    Size 18" x 22"
    Weight 0.6 kg


    Leaf disposal bags
    Tips: What fallen leaves can be fed to chickens?

    Generally, when feeding poultry and livestock such as broilers and dairy cows, the feedlot needs to be fed a certain amount of additives such as vitamins and minerals. And feeding the feed made of leaves can greatly reduce the amount of additive feeding, which saves a lot of cost compared with traditional feed. For example, Sophora japonicus leaves are extremely rich in protein. Grinding dried Sophora japonica leaves into powder and blending them with clean materials can not only reduce feeding costs, but also improve the quality of eggs. The taste of eggs is also much better. Therefore, the leaves can be called pollution-free green fodder.

    1. All leaves with bitter, astringent, hemp, spicy, and toxic substances such as plum, persimmon, apricot, walnut, etc., should be rinsed with boiling water, and then soaked in water for 1 to 2 days, and can be fed after the toxicity is eliminated. use.

    2. The fallen leaves should be harvested as they fall to prevent mold and keep green as much as possible.

    3. When feeding livestock and poultry, the species of leaves should not be single, and should be mixed with other feeds.

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    Chris | 7/13/2021 8:56 AM
    useful bag
    These bags quality are really perfect. Each bag has a strapping to fill with the plants without the bag closing at the time of filling.
    I will be happy if this comment helps you for your choice.