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    5PCS Mini Jewelry Making Pliers Set

    Wholesale cheap yet quality 5pcs mini pliers set for jewelry maiking, DIY, crafting, comes with long nose pliers, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, diagonal side pliers, end cutting pliers, best jewelry pliers with forged high carbon steel with polished finish construction, good hardness, handy size and high durability.
    SKU: T-PL-5JP
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    Buy 5-piece mini jewelry pliers set in bulk at best price, designed with hardened polished high carbon steel for durability, this handy pliers tool set includes long nose pliers, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, diagonal side pliers, and end cutting pliers, ideal for jewelry making, DIYs, crafting, home appliances repairs and so on.


    Model T-ZBQ-1002
    Material High Carbon Steel + Plastic Handle
    Size 5" long nose pliers, 5" round nose pliers, 5" bent nose pliers, 4-1/2" diagonal side pliers, 4-1/2" end cutting pliers
    Weight 289g
    Package Included 1pc Round nose pliers
    1pc Bent nose pliers
    1pc Long nose pliers
    1pc Diagonal side cutters
    1pc End cutting pliers

    Note: * The sizes are approximate.


    5pcs Mini Jewelry Making Pliers Set Applications

    Tips: What are common jewelry making pliers for beginners?

    1. Round nose pliers
    Round nose pliers are a must have tool for jewelry-making. Since the jaw of round nose pliers is long and tapered with a point tip, it is easy to bend the wire into a ring for tight small parts.

    2. Snipe nose pliers
    Snipe nose pliers are also an excellent jewelry tool for opening and closing jump rings, which have firm gripping force and tapered shape, making the operation simple and easy.

    3. Flat nose pliers
    Flat nose pliers comes with a wide jaw with flat surface, so they can be used for bending the metal sheet at any angle. They are also very useful to grip small pieces. Therefore, it is ideal for working with small jewelry with a pair of flat nose pliers.

    4. Bent nose pliers
    Bent nose pliers are an excellent supplement for beginners jewelry pliers set. The pliers have a half round jaw head and a flat jaw head. The half round side of the pliers are mostly used to bend the rings into various shape, smoothly and simply, while the flat side is helpful to minimize any scratches or marks while working. The bent nose pliers are also best choices for making earring hooks and wires.

    5. Shears
    A pair of solid shears is a necessity for jewelry making which can perform the fine cutting of the sheet metal and solder strip.

    6. Side cutters
    Side cutters are frequently used in the jewelry making as well, which is applicable for cutting the metal wire. With sharp and flat blades, the side cutter enable you to cut the very edge of the metal wire, helping you keep your work neat and tidy.

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    Fernder | 12/8/2021 6:55 AM
    The role of 5PCS mini jewelry making pliers set
    Can this 5PCS mini jewelry making pliers set make necklaces?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, it can make necklaces.