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    Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6 inch

    Wholesale small 6-in. diagonal cutting pliers at good price, made of chrome vanadium steel jaw with hardened edges, durable and easy to cut, TRP anti-slip handle with ergonomic design for soft grip and long time use, best side cutting pliers for wire / cable cutting.
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    Affordable price diagonal cutting pliers or side cutting pliers comes with 6 inch in size, chrome vanadium steel jaw for strength and durability, ergonomic TPR plastic handle for soft grip and long work time, hardened cutting edges, best diagonal pliers for cutting soft copper wire, soft iron wire, etc.


    Model T-GSQ-E
    Size * 6 inch
    Material Chrome vanadium steel jaw + TPR handle
    Overall Length 165mm
    Weight 183g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimemsion Drawing

    6 inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers Dimensions

    Tips: Diagonal cutting pliers sizes

    Diagonal cutting pliers are mainly used for cutting wires, redundant leads of components, and also used to replace general scissors for cutting insulated bushing, nylon tie wire card and so on. If the diagonal pliers is used for cutting a single copper wire of 2.5mm2, it is actually very hard to cut, and it is easy to cause damage, so it is not recommended that diagonal pliers should cut a single copper wire or iron wire of more than 2.5mm2. In all, use the diagonal pliers according to its cutting ability. Do not use pliers to cut steel wire, steel wire and copper wire with too thick. Otherwise, it will easily lead to teeth collapse and damage of pliers.

    The sizes of diagonal nose pliers on the market generally have 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 7 inch and 8 inch. The diagonal pliers larger than 8 " is relatively rare, and the pliers smaller than 4" are commonly marketed as mini diagonal pliers, about 125mm long. In the selection of the sizes, the 5-in, 6-in, 7-in are mainly chosen. For the ordinary electrical wiring, 6", 7 " diagonal pliers are the choice whose cutting ability is relatively strong with less effort. Circuit board installation and maintenance mainly adopts 5 ", 6 " diagonal pliers, easy to use and flexible for long time operation with less fatigue. The size of 4 " is a mini pliers, only suitable for small jobs.

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    sunny | 9/1/2020 7:24 AM
    Good quality and cheap price diagonal cutting pliers
    I bought diagonal pliers to cut wires, but I don’t know much about it. I learned about through a friend’s introduction. After using it, I found that I have already loved it. It uses non-slip handles. It can be grasped and used for a long time without feeling tired at all. I like it very much and highly recommend it to you.