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    70mm Hand Pruning Shears, 10 Piece

    10pcs/ set 7cm hand pruning shears are available online, which are suitable for all kinds of people. The cutting resistance is small, the work efficiency is high. It is the best garden tool with advanced design: Non-slip handle, electroplating scissors blade, anti-injury lock. Economic price is also one of its advantages.
    SKU: T-S08
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    Buy 10 pieces garden hand tree pruners at lower cost. The scissor head is 70mm, the width is 60mm and the overall length is 195mm. The body is lightweight but powerful in cutting and it can make your pruning work simple and comfortable.


    Model T-S08
    Blade Length 70mm
    Overall Length 195mm
    Width 60mm
    Material Stainless Steel
    Weight 120g


    Details of 70mm hand pruning shearsDetails of 70mm hand pruning shears


    Applications of hand tree pruners

    Tips: How to maintain hand pruning shears?

    After use, wipe the contaminants (water, food, etc.) on the scissors with a clean cloth, and then place the scissors in a relatively dry place (not in a place that is prone to splashing water). This type of method cannot completely avoid the rust of the hand pruners blade, but since the hand tree pruners often contact the plants, it is not possible to apply anti-rust substances on the it. If there is rust on the garden pruning shears, you can use fine sandpaper to remove the rust, otherwise the rust will get deeper. Remember not to rinse the garden pruner shears with water. If you want to buy the best pruning shears, it is recommended to buy from Our hand pruning shears are of good quality and not easy to rust, which can solve your worries.

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    Prakrittipon | 2/8/2023 9:04 AM
    Wow za
    test review
    Mizz | 7/26/2021 7:11 AM
    Sharp shear
    I have been using this 70mm hand pruning shear to cut branches in my yard since it arrived and I loved him. I was delighted to see that it came with a non-slip handle. My hands don't get hurt even if I use them for 2 hours. The unit is sharp and light enough that it cuts through branches with no problem! This is truly a good deal.