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    50mm Hand Tree Pruners, 10pcs/ Set

    Buy 10 pieces/ set hand tree pruners at wholesale price. The 50mm blade adopts scientific proportioning, which can effectively save 30% of effort and is not easy to rust. The middle spring is made of professional steel and craftsmanship. It is the best garden tool with user-friendly design.
    SKU: T-V10
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    Best pruning shears has a 50mm blade, a safety lock and a strong steel handle. It is specially designed for gardening work, such as bonsai pruning, tree pruning, orchard picking, garden pruning, etc.


    Model T-V10
    Blade Length 50mm
    Overall Length 205mm
    Width 70mm
    Material Stainless Steel
    Weight 220g


    Details of 50mm hand tree prunersDetails of 50mm hand tree pruners


    Applications of hand tree pruners

    Tips: 3 types of garden pruning shears

    There are three main types of garden pruning shears: Hand pruners, electric pruning shears, pneumatic pruning shears. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

    • Hand pruners are easy to operate and will not be restricted by the environment. But the operation is prone to fatigue after a long time.
    • Electric pruning shears is labor-saving, but it is easily affected by the battery and has a limit on the use time.
    • Pneumatic tree shears are also labor-saving and suitable for long-term operation. As long as the air pressure is sufficient, the operation is not easy to fatigue. But it needs to be powered by an air compressor.
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    Maria | 8/3/2021 3:07 AM
    High quality hand tree pruner
    I have tried this 50mm hand tree pruner for 3 weeks. It works well for sturdy tree branches since it is very sharp. The spring design in the middle allows me to use it easily. And how comfortable it is in my hand! I expect this pruner to last a very long time. The pruner is far and away the best hand pruner I have ever owned!