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    Adjustable Spark Tester for Ignition Coil Check

    Low cost spark tester with separate power cable, tester length 140mm, cable length 550mm, adjustable spark over distance 0-3cm, suitable for ignition coil check of various vehicle models.
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    The in-line spark tester can detect and confirm whether the ignition coil or high voltage wire has been aged, cracked or damaged by simulating the combustion conditions of the spark plug in the cylinder.


    Model T-985
    Weight 106g
    Packing size 200*110*25mm
    Tester length 140mm
    Power cable length 550mm
    Range of adjustable distance 0-3cm
    Recommended distance 1cm (engine compression ratio<9.5:1)
    1-2cm (engine compression ratio 9.5:1-10.5:1)
    2.5cm (engine compression ratio 10.5:1-11.5:1)
    Material Metal, plastic

    Tips: Adjustable spark tester operation steps

    1. Plug in the power cable of the spark tester. Connect the metal connector to the spark plug, and connect the alligator clip to the ground terminal.
    2. When the spark plug ignites the gasoline in the cylinder chamber, it is in a pressurized combustor. The higher the pressure, the greater the spark over impedance of the spark plug. Therefore, the spark over distance of the tester should be adjusted according to different engine compression ratios. Usually, the spark over distance of common spark plug is 0.8-1.5cm.
    3. Confirm the test result
      Judge the quality of the ignition coil should according to the color of the spark and the spark over distance:
      • The normal spark is a purple-blue line with a length of 2cm and the line is regular.
      • The color of abnormal spark tends to be yellow or red or the spark has an intermittent disruption.
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    Janey | 2/1/2021 5:56 AM
    Safe spark tester
    I bought a spark tester from and received it, and I tested it immediately. Since different spark plugs have different states, the spark tester can detect the ignition state, which is helpful for distinguishing the quality of the spark plug and the ignition concentration.