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    In-line Spark Tester for Ignition Coil Detection

    In-line spark tester consists of a spark plug connector, a high-voltage cable, an indicator light, a high-strength plastic lampshade and a metal connector, mainly used for automotive ignition system detection.
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    The spark tester can be directly connected between the spark plug and the spark coil. Just an indicator light can conveniently and intuitively detect whether the ignition system is working normally.


    Model T-86982
    Weight 92g
    Packing size 195*105*25mm
    Material Metal, plastic

    Tips: Testing method of in-line spark tester

    1. Turn off the engine and disassemble the spark plug coil.
    2. Connect the black PVC socket connector of the in-line spark tester to the spark plug.
    3. Connect the metal connector of the tester to the spark plug coil.
    4. Start the engine.
    5. If the ignition wire is undamaged, the indicator light flashes.
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    Rauh | 3/12/2021 7:04 AM
    Save testing costs
    This spark plug tester was shipped on time and delivered to me on time. It helped me diagnose the problem with the lawn mower and recovered the cost. I was able to immediately identify the problem with the lawn mower. I would recommend this spark plug tester to my friends.