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    LCD Brake Fluid Moisture Tester, DOT3/4/5.1

    Low cost handheld brake fluid moisture tester with a LCD display and a separate high presision sensor, supports DOT3/ DOT4/ DOT5.1 brake oil type, analog bar chart for moisture content display, sound alarm for replace brake fluid warning, -10~+50℃ (14~122℉) working temperature, 3VDC power supply (2 AAAA batteries).
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    LCD brake fluid moisture tester has a metal hose and a separate sensor probe can be used for detecting DOT3/DOT4/DOT5.1 brake fluid moisture content.


    Model T-BFT-BF200
    Weight 150g
    Size 6.14*2.17*0.94 inch
    Shell material ABS
    Test range Brake fluid: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 * AAAA batteries
    LCD display explanation ≤1% - High purity.
    ≤2% - Stauts is acceptable.
    ≥4% - Need to replace immediately.
    Key Power, menu, LCD light, flashlight
    Applicative automaker All the automakers
    Working temperature -10~+50℃ (14~122℉)
    Certification CE, FCC, RoHS

    Tips: Why do I need a LCD brake fluid moisture tester?
    Brake fluid is an important fluid in the brake system. This fluid needs to be replaced regularly. The brake system of a car is composed of a vacuum booster pump, brake pumps, a brake block and a brake disc. After opening the engine cover, you can see a large black disc under the windshield on the main driver's side, which is the vacuum booster pump. After stepping on the brake pedal, the vacuum booster pump will provide assistance, which can help the driver step on the brake plate. In front of the vacuum booster pump is the brake master cylinder. There is a small oil tank on the brake master cylinder, which is used to hold brake fluid.
    What the brake fluid detector needs to check is the moisture content of the brake fluid in the oil tank. If the water content of the brake fluid is too high, it will cause the braking force to decrease and the braking distance to extend. When the moisture content of the brake fluid reaches 3%, it needs to be replaced immediately. If you don’t have a brake fluid tester, you have to go to an auto repair shop to do a professional test. It not only takes time but also pays, so it is very necessary to have a LCD brake fluid tester. The operation of the tester is really very simple. And the LCD tester detection accuracy is the same as the tester of repair shop.

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    Mahmod | 12/2/2020 2:59 AM
    Cheap LCD brake fluid moisture tester
    Some time ago, I saw a reference article about testing the water content of brake fluid to determine whether it needs to be changed. I think the test equipment for this operation may be very expensive, but when I bought it I found that the price was much lower than I expected. After consideration, I finally bought an LCD brake fluid moisture tester.