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    Car Engine Oil Drainer 18 Gallon

    Movable car oil/fluid drainer is mainly used for draining/ storage lubricating oil. Car engine oil drainer has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank with pressure gauge and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin. It can continuously drain waste oil of 5-10 cars. Car oil/fluid drainer with adjustable height from 95cm to 150cm, can be used in automotive repair shops or other industrial occasions requiring oil draining.
    SKU: T-OD-80L
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    Car oil drainer has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank with pressure gauge and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin.


    • Explosion-proof thickened oil tank with 80L (18 Gallon) capacity can prevent air leakage and oil leakage.
    • 10L oil basin has a filtering function to prevent other object from entering the oil tank. It has adjustable height of 95-150cm.
    • Oil extractor has two directional wheels and one universal wheel, which make moving more easily.
    • Car oil extractor has two functions: oil storage and oil draining.


    Model T-OD-905
    Shipping weight 19kg
    Shipping package (1 carton) Oil tank package: 53*41*100cm
    Working mode Air compression (An air compressor is required.)
    High height 150cm
    Low height 95cm
    Air pressure 1-8kg/cm
    Oil tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon)
    Oil cup capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Oil basin capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Medium Lubricating oil
    Maximum oil temperature 40℃ (104℉)
    Functions Oil draining
    Oil storage


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