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    Car Engine Oil Drainer 18 Gallon

    Movable car oil/fluid drainer is mainly used for draining/ storage lubricating oil. Car engine oil drainer has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank with pressure gauge and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin. It can continuously drain waste oil of 5-10 cars. Car oil/fluid drainer with adjustable height from 95cm to 150cm, can be used in automotive repair shops or other industrial occasions requiring oil draining.
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    Car oil drainer has an 80L (18 Gallon) oil tank with pressure gauge and a 10L (2 Gallon) oil basin.


    • Explosion-proof thickened oil tank with 80L (18 Gallon) capacity can prevent air leakage and oil leakage.
    • 10L oil basin has a filtering function to prevent other object from entering the oil tank. It has adjustable height of 95-150cm.
    • Oil extractor has two directional wheels and one universal wheel, which make moving more easily.
    • Car oil extractor has two functions: oil storage and oil draining.


    Model T-OD-905
    Shipping weight 19kg
    Shipping package (1 carton) Oil tank package: 53*41*100cm
    Working mode Air compression (An air compressor is required.)
    High height 150cm
    Low height 95cm
    Air pressure 1-8kg/cm
    Oil tank capacity 80L (18 Gallon)
    Oil cup capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Oil basin capacity 10L (2 Gallon)
    Medium Lubricating oil
    Maximum oil temperature 40℃ (104℉)
    Functions Oil draining
    Oil storage

    Oil drainer assembly:
    18 gallon car engine oil drainer assembly

    Number Part name Quantity Number Part name Quantity
    1 Funnel 1 14 Hexagon boit 2
    2 Ball vale 1 15 Limit buckle 1
    3 Pole of funnel 1 16 Oil discharge hook 1
    4 Spring pin 1 17 Tank 1
    5 PVC wheel 2 18 O ring 2
    6 Spacer 2 19 Pole of funnel lining 1
    7 Cotter 2 20 O ring 2
    8 Universal wheel 2 21 Plastic parts 1
    9 Elbow 1 22 AL nut 1
    10 Joint 1 23 Pressure gauge 1
    11 Hoop 1 24 Quick coupling 1
    12 Tube 1 25 Pressure regulating valve 1
    13 M12 nut 2 26 Safety valve 1


    1. To drain oil
      With valve fully opne (valve handle in vertical position), raise drain bowl todesired height and lock in place. Drain oil into bowl/tank assembly. Check sight gauge tube on back side of tank frequently. DO NOT fill tank above maximum oil level as shown.
    2. To transport oil drainer
      With valve fully open (valve handle in vertical position), lower drain bowl to desired height. Always use the tank handle to transport the oil drainer.
    3. To evacuate oil
      Evacuate used oil from tank when maximum oil level is obtained. DO NOT overfill tank above maximum oil level sa shown above. Raise drain bowl and lock in place, close valve fully (valve handle in horizontal position), and place nozzle SECURELY into used oil collection reservoir. Connect air to inlet nopple and discharge oil. Never leave unit unattended when evacuating oil. Immediately disconnect air supply when oil is no longer discharging into reservoir.

    18 gallon car engine oil drainer operations
    Tips: How to change waste engine oil by a car engine oil drainer?

    1. First, let the engine work for a period of time to increase the temperature of the engine oil and completely discharge the waste oil.
    2. Turn off the engine, and open the engine oil cap.
    3. Remove the bottom guard plate of the car to expose the engine oil filter and the oil drain screw. Move the car oil drainer to the bottom of the car. Unscrew the oil drain screw on the oil pan, pay attention that at the same time, the engine oil will spray out and the temperature is high. The car oil drainer will store the old engine oil.
    4. Replace the engine oil filter and tighten the oil drain screw.
      Remove the old engine oil filter with a tool and run it counterclockwise. Apply a layer of engine oil to the rubber ring on the edge of the new engine oil filter before installing it back in place. Then tighten the oil drain screw, be sure not to push it too tightly to avoid the thread overflow.
    5. When adding new oil at the fuel filler port, the filling amount should refer to the car's user manual.
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    Grede | 11/24/2020 6:18 AM
    Car engine oil drain for easier movement
    I like this car engine oil drain very much because it has two steering wheels and a universal wheel, which makes it easier to move. The previously used engine oil drainer needs to be moved manually because it is very heavy and laborious. Now with this engine oil drain, I can throw away the previous engine oil drain.