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    Brick Trowel Knife, Single Sided

    Brick mud knife features single sided cutting, long handle for convenient operating, made of high quality manganese steel for long lasting use, ideal construction tool for bricklayers to cut brick, tile and other materials for building workers.
    SKU: T-PT-13
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    Buy best wall mud knife with wholesale price, it is made of strong manganese steel, offers single sided use, is a multipurpose construction tool for workinging on brick, tile, wall and mud, specially designed for long time use.


    Model T-010
    Overall Length 14.2 inch (360mm)
    Blade Length 6.3 inch (160mm)
    Blade Width 3 inch (75mm)
    Material  Manganese steel
    Weight 0.7Kg
    Applicable Materials Brick, tile, wall, mud

    Tips: How to install brick with brick trowel knife?

    Step 1. Prepare for laying bricks. A mason's line plays a very important role in installing bricks in greatly straight rows. Fix the two ends of the line at either end of the row of bricks then pull the line tight and straight. The top of each brick in the row should just touch the top of the line.

    Step 2. Guide the bricks. A mark pole is a piece of wood that can be used to guide to lay bricks straight. Use a pencil to mark the height of each layer of bricks on the pole, including the mortar joints.

    Step 3. Apply bricks. First wear gloves and a mask before applying bricks. Then apply appropriate amount of mortar each brick using brick trowel. Next draw a line in the center of the mortar pile to allow it to spread and also apply some mortar on each side of bricks and affix to the bricks beside them. At last, Knock each brick into place with the handle of the trowel to release certain air bubbles in the mortar underneath.

    Step 4. Remove excess mortar. Use the sharp side of brick trowel knife to scrape off any excess mortar that will spread out of the joint, then use a chip paint brush to clean all other debris and use the top of a masonry brick trowel to cut a small line between the bricks and the mortar, which will help protect the wall from precipitation.

    Step 5. Cut the smaller bricks. Cut some smaller bricks that are needed at their ends by brick knife trowel and placing a brick in sand to release the shock of the blow before cutting is a necessary.

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    Maha | 12/3/2020 5:37 AM
    Perfect brick trowel
    I bet that this brick trowel can be used for a long time. I can say that it is made of strong steel, very strong and not easy to damage, very suitable for small masonry building maintenance work. The blade is also easy to apply, and the comfortable handle will not feel tired even after hours of use.