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    10 Inch Copper Plant Labels

    Wholesale 10 inch copper plant tags for sale, easy to insert into the soil, it will not damage the soil and plant roots, used to identify different plants and record plant growth, suitable for gardens, orchards and greenhouses.
    SKU: T-PL-15
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    Cheap weatherproof plant markers are used to mark herbs, trees and vegetables, can resist wind and sun, and copper plant labels are reusable.


    Model T-PL-14
    Size 10.7 Inch
    Color Copper
    Weight 36g
    Material Stainless steel 304


    Plant identification tags
    Tips: How to make a plant label with a spoon?

    Make a plant label with a spoon

    1. Turn your spoon upside down and place it between the two wooden boards, and then hit hard with a hammer so that you can knock the spoon flat. Remove the top board and continue to beat the spoon until you are satisfied with its shape. If you don't have a rubber hammer, you can also use a small iron hammer, but the small hammer tends to leave a striking mark on the surface of the spoon, so when using a small hammer, try to strike to see if you are satisfied with the final result.

    2. After tapping the spoon, please prepare your letter engraving set. Decide where you want to engrave the letters, we put them in the center of the spoon. Pick out the letter mold you want to engrave from the engraving group, start engraving from the letter in the middle, and hit it hard with a hammer.

    3. Fill in the letters you have carved with a long-lasting black marker, and wipe off the excess with alcohol.

    4. Insert the printed spoon you made into a small pot, or simply wrap it.

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    Piando | 1/11/2023 1:14 AM
    These are the popper plant tags I wanted
    I use these copper plant tags to mark my plants on the outside. They will develop a patina quickly so be prepared to keep writing plant names on them. I still prefer the look of them to plastic stakes.
    Jen | 9/11/2020 9:18 AM
    Advantages of 10-inch copper factory labels
    What are the advantages of using 10 inch copper plant labels?
    A manager responded to this review
    1. They are made of metal, durable and not easy to corrode.
    2. They are tall, so they can be used on potted plants or ground plants.
    3. The label area is large enough to write detailed information.