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    10 Inch Metal Garden Makers

    Metal garden makers for sale, high quality and inexpensive price, height of 10 inch, it can be used for indoor and outdoor plants. Weatherproof plant markers have sturdy two corners for easy insertion into the soil.
    SKU: T-PL-13
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    10 Inch metal nursery plant labels for sale, waterproof and reusable, it can decorate the garden, suitable for various plants, trees and medicinal materials.


    Model T-PL-13
    Size 10.7 Inch
    Color Black, white
    Weight 35g
    Material  Iron

    Black Metal Plant Marker

    Metal garden labels

    Garden plant labels

    White Metal Plant Marker

    Horticultural plant labels

    Tips: How to make plant labels with dead branches?

    Method 1: Pick up a few dead branches under the tree, fold them into 10-15 cm long sticks, flatten one end with a knife, and write the name of the plant with a marker. Insert the potted plant into the soil and you are done.

    Dead branches

    Method 2: Stick a round wood chip with a diameter of about 2 cm on the dead branch with hot melt glue, write the name of the plant, and insert it into the soil.

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    Sebastian | 10/22/2020 1:29 AM
    Ideal for high quality plant markers
    I just bought these plant labels. Although I haven't used them yet, according to my initial impression, they are great. These tags have sturdy corners at both ends and can be easily inserted into the soil. It is not only waterproof, but also reusable, which greatly saves costs.