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    Drill Bit Sharpener Grinder, Φ3~Φ80mm, 500W

    Universal drill bit sharpener grinder for sale. Large grinding range Φ3~Φ60mm/Φ80mm, 30°~180° point angle. 500W high power motor, rotation speed is 2800rpm. Equipped with Φ200mm grinding wheel.
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    Model T-DBSG-60A T-DBSG-80A
    Grinding Range (mm) Φ3-Φ60 Φ3-Φ80
    Point Angle 30°~180°
    Power 220V 50Hz
    Motor 500W
    Rotation Speed 2800rpm
    Grinding Wheel Φ200mm CBN wheel (for high speed steel)
    Dimension (cm) 58*41*45 59*42*48
    Weight 136kg 155kg
    • Applicable sharpening and grinding drill: standard twist drill, bottoming drill, step drill bit, milling cutter drill bit, multiple diameter drill, 4-side drill, wood drill, etc.
    • Applicable grinding position of drill: flank, rake face, chisel edge and chamfer of point angle drills.

    Applicable Drill Bit of Drill Bit Sharpener Grinder, Φ3~Φ80mm, 500W

    Operation Method

    Operation Method of 500W Drill Bit Sharpener Grinder, 3~80mm

    Tips: Assembly of drill bit sharpener grinder chuck set.

    1. Reset the adjustment scale on the left adjustment bench to zero. Rotate clockwise to the end, then counterclockwise to the 0 position.
    2. Choose a suitable collet and insert it into collet seat at 45°.
      Putting order: collet and chuck seat connected with fixing chuck nut. Then put in the drill bit from the direction of chuck seat until drill bit protrudes about 5mm. Pay attention to reserve a little adjustment space for the drill bit.
    3. Adjust the scale on the left adjustment bench to outer diameter of the drill to be ground.
    4. Put the chuck fixture set into the left adjustment bench and make it completely tightly connected. Then rotate clockwise to the right for positioning.
    5. Insert the tip of drill bit into the bottom, then rotate clockwise to the right for positioning.
    6. Rotate chuck fixture set clockwise to the right until to the bottom, and then lock it.
    7. When taking out the chuck fixture set, first rotate it slightly to the left, and then take it out.
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