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    Flat Head Screwdriver, 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm

    Buy low price yet high quality flat-head screwdriver in bulk online, selectable sizes Φ6.3*100mm, Φ6.3*150mm, Φ8*200mm, Φ10*200mm, Φ12*200mm. Slotted screwdriver is made of CR-V steel shaft with strong magnetic tip, light and durable, easy to tighten and loosen flat head screws.
    SKU: T-SD-SL
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    Wholesale flat-head / slotted screwdriver in favorable price. With chrome vanadium steel shaft, strong magnetic tip and comfortable non-slip handle, the flat-blade screwdriver features go-through striking cap, convenient to install and remove slotted screws.


    Model T-SD-SL
    Product Name Flat head screwdriver
    Tip Type Slotted
    Size (Shaft Diameter*Length) 6.3*100mm, 6.3*150mm, 8*200mm, 10*200mm, 12*200mm
    Shaft Material Chrome-Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
    Bit Holding Mechanism Magnetic tip

    Product Details

    Flat Head Magnetic Screwdriver Details
    Slotted Magnetic Tip Screwdriver Details

    Tips: Screwdriver materials

    Generally, screwdriver steel material comes in four varieties (except for some special patented ones, which are expensive).

    1. Chrome molybdenum steel
    This steel has good impact resistance, good hardness and toughness, but the material is expensive.

    2. Chrome vanadium steel
    This material has good strength and toughness, which is the ideal material for making wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. The price is not so expensive. It is the general material for screwdrivers in daily life.

    3. Carbon steel
    Carbon steel refers to a type of steel that does not add other specific elements and its carbon mass fraction is less than 2.11%. It has the advantages of high hardness, high strength and poor toughness. This steel is not suitable for screwdrivers, but is widely used in some general tool materials.

    4. S2 steel
    This alloy steel is a kind of excellent impact resistant steel, used for making high hardness hex wrench, screwdriver, etc. Made of this steel after heat treatment, the tool has a high enough hardness. The tools also have good wear resistance, and they have certain strength and toughness.

    From the aspect of the steel strength, chromium molybdenum steel is more outstanding. From the overall comprehensive cost performance, chromium vanadium steel is a better choice.

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    Wholesale $6.71
    5.0 1
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    Mike | 9/11/2020 3:17 AM
    A sturdy flat head screwdriver works well
    I think this flat head screwdriver can fully meet my needs. I usually use it for a lot of game system maintenance and computer manufacturing. The magnet is very strong and the screws can be easily removed. It will not damage any electronic equipment and I will also use these tools during home repairs. In general, these flat-blade screwdrivers work very well and are very suitable for various maintenance tasks.