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    2-in-1 Phillips and Slotted Screwdriver

    Wholesale 2-in-1 Phillips & Flat Head (Slotted) Screwdriver with magnetic tips, superior CR-V steel shaft and ergonomic non-slip handle. Cross-head and flat-blade reversible screwdriver with tip sizes of PH2 & 6mm, PH1 & 5mm, PH0 & 3mm for your options. High quality combination screwdriver with economical price.
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    • 2-in-1 screwdriver with double ended (reversible) blade - Phillips head and flat head.
    • Phillips and slotted screwdriver comes with high-quality and hardened chrome-vanadium steel shaft with good rust resistance.
    • Soft-grip handle with non-slip and ergonomic deisgn.
    • Removable screwdriver shaft firmly locked with a spring-loaded ball in hollow handle, and adjustable shaft length, suitable for various spaces.
    • With magnetic tips, convenient for gripping screws and precise placement.


    Model T-6-180 T-5-125 T-4-110 T-6-85
    Size (Shaft diameter*length) 6.3*180mm 5*125mm 4*110mm 6*85mm
    Tip Type Phillips & Slotted Phillips & Slotted Phillips & Slotted Flat Head
    Tip Size PH2 & 6mm PH1 & 5mm PH0 & 3mm 5mm
    Shaft Material Chrome-Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
    Bit Holding Mechanism Magnetic tip
    Overall Length 270mm 200mm 160mm 130mm
    Weight 148g 77g 37g 75g

    * Please note that the color of screwdriver shaft is random, white or black.

    Screwdriver Sizes

    PH2-SL6 Magnetic Phillips and Slotted Screwdriver

    PH1-SL5 Magnetic Phillips and Slotted Screwdriver

    PH0-SL3 Magnetic Phillips and Slotted Screwdriver

    Tips: 4 notes for using a screwdriver

    1. When using a screwdriver, do not tighten or loosen the screws with the objects in the hand. Instead, fix the objects in a certain place so as not to hurt yourself or the person next to you.

    2. In addition, when using the screwdriver, the handle of the screwdriver should not be knocked or levered with the hammer tool, and some metal burrs and other objects should not be removed with the screwdriver.

    3. When using a phillips screwdriver, it is generally used to tighten or loosen the screws with the cross head, while an elbow screwdriver is used for the screw head with limited space.

    4. If the screwdriver is used improperly, it is easy to be damaged or the tip becomes blunt. the tip of the screwdriver should be repaired at any time. When grinding the screwdriver with the grinding wheel, it should cool with water. The screwdriver that cannot be repaired should be scrapped and cannot be used again, for example the blade is seriously damaged or deformed, or the handle is cracked or damaged.

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    Donald | 3/4/2021 6:30 AM
    High quality after-sales service
    Because it's the first time I bought this 2-in-1 Phillips and slotted screwdriver. In order for me to use it safely, the customer service told me a lot of precautions for using the screwdriver. I was moved by their high quality after-sales service, and I will continue to buy if necessary.