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    Kids Gardening Tools Set, 5 Piece

    5 Piece kids gardening tools set for sale, set includes rake, trowel, fork, gloves and watering can, children can take care of the garden or build their own castle on the beach.These tools are safe to use.
    SKU: T-GTS-007
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    Wholesale childrens gardening tools set for sale, pirce low, suitable for 4-7 years old children playing in the garden.


    Model T-GTS-002
    Material of Bag Iron
    Bag Include Rake, trowel, fork, gloves, watering Can
    Applicable Age 4-7 Years old
    Weight 1.5 kg


    Childrens gardening tools set

    Tips: What plants are suitable for children to grow?

    Plants suitable for children should have the following points:
    1. They can stimulate children's senses (including sight and smell) or stimulate imagination.
    2. It is necessary for children to enter gardening easily. Simply put, plants are easy to grow, so that children can see hope in a short time.
    3. Safe plants. What you care most about is the safety of your children, and you don't want them to come into contact with dangerous things, including poisonous plants.
    4. Plants that can enlighten children. Some plants are useful for teaching nature. They provide some examples of natural remedies, or help children connect with nature (such as when flowers attract bees).

    The following plants are suitable for children to grow:
    1. Tropical pitcher plants. The flowers and leaves of nepenthes are visually charming. More importantly, you can take the children every day to observe how they catch insects.
    2. Pumpkin. Their vitality, natural colors and strange shapes can easily attract children. When harvesting, not only for food, you and your children can also make artistic creations, such as: birdhouses, pumpkin lanterns, hats, etc.
    3. Peas. The period from seed to flowering and fruiting of pea is very short. Therefore, children will soon be able to eat the fruits of their labor. This is the best word to encourage them. You can also tell the children the story of Princess and the Pea.

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    Blake | 12/8/2020 1:40 AM
    Garden tools for kids
    This perfect garden tool is suitable for families with children. Although they are made of sturdy metal, they do not have sharp edges. The sturdy handle fits the small hands of children. My 2-year-old grandson likes to use them to dig in the back.