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    Manual Tile Cutter, 48 Inch

    Buy the best manual tile cutter with low price, its max. cutting length is up to 48 inch (1200mm), max. supporting weight 800kg and cutting thickness range is from 3-15mm, max. A multifunction cutting tool for wall tiles, floor tiles and vitrified tiles.
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    The hot sale tile cutting machine for sale offers cheap price, free shipping and is ergonomically designed. The non-slip handle design makes it easier to press the tile and increases the comfort of the cutting process, two solid steel shafts are strong and not easy to bend, making cutting work more accurate and suitable for long-term use.


    Model T-T1200P
    Max. Cutting Length 1200mm
    Cuttable Thickness Range 3-15mm
    Cuttable Width Range 850-1200mm
    Max. Supporting Weight 800kg
    Diagonal Cutting 850 x 850mm
    Item Weight 15kg
    Item Size 1075 x 207 x 140mm
    Application Wall tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles


    Manual tile cutter 30 inch details

    1 manual tile cutter details2 manual tile cutter details

    3 manual tile cutter details

    4 manual tile cutter detail size


    1. Double solid steel shafts. 20mm diameter. High frequency quenching process. Strong resistence to deformation. Corrosion resistence of chromium plating. Good visibility of making.
    2. Double aluminum alloy enclosed chassis. Integrated molding. Ensure stability & smothness of the fuselage. The cutting operation does not wobble.
    3. Magnet adsorption. Breaker has magnet absorption. Absorbale cutting head does not affect marking.
    4. 800kg max. supporting weight. Easier and less labor-saving to cut the tiles.
    5. Double-track taxiing. Taxiing cutting is smoother. Good visual cutting effect. No need to refuel.
    6. Tungsten carbide alloy cutter wheel. High hardness and more surable.
    7. Extended side rulers. They can be connected externally for wide size ceranic tile and can be moved up and down. The length of the side ruler is 750mm.
    8. Supporting flanks. There is two flanks on left and right each side. Its length is up to 300mm, used to suppor large size ceramic tile cutting.

    Tips for using manual tile cutter
    1. Read the instructions carefully before using.
    2. Check the flatness of the operating surface before cutting. The uneven operating surface can not be used for cutting, which will damage the cutter head and cutting accuracy.
    3. Do not apply much pressure to break the tile, enough pressure is needed gently to push the lever until it reaches the end stop.
    4. Do not use the cutter wheel to cut repeatedly, otherwise, it will affect the cutting accuracy and the service life of the tile.
    5. Blade rails avoid to attatch water and sand and clean them in time.
    6. Do not move the tile after positioning the tile in the cutter and your measurement mark is arranged.
    7. Do not put fingers beneath the blade rails when the cutter wheel slices through the tile.
    8. Be careful during working and take the protective measures, such as putting on glasses, mask, gloves and helmet.

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